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Theen Maar Reviews (Telugu)

Overall Theen Maar Rating:3.06/5

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 Ratings:3.25/5 Reviewer:Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

First half of the movie is alright. The graph goes down in the second half. It picks up 20 minutes before the end (after resignation episode). Terrific work by Pawan Kalyan and superb dialogues penned by Trivikram are the life lines for this movie. However, the screenplay and the narration of the movie is patchy and there is no completeness in it. The people who had seen Love Aaj Kal need to tame their expectations and the urbane crowds who haven’t seen LAK might find this movie entertaining. We have to wait and see if Pawan Kalyan is going to repeat the magic of Jalsa at the box office or not.

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 Ratings:3.25/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

After a long time, Pawan Kalyan was seen in full spirits and seemed to enjoy his role and characterization.The film comes across with an ideology clash between the current generation and the generation that has gone by when it comes to essence of relationships.  Pawan Kalyan fans might get reminded of his ‘Khushi’ days. The film will connect well with those who haven’t watched the original in Hindi (Love Aaj Kal).TOverall, this comes across as a cool treat in the summer heat packed with the right dose of comedy, sentiment, romance and above all, dialogues. At the box office, this has strong chances of scoring success. he first half suffers little ups and downs while last 30 minutes stood as highlight with gripping. Bottomline: Fun filled and sensitive, watch it!!

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Ratings: Reviewer: Site:Andhravilas

Teen Maar is all about love, life and relationship and marriage. Director Paranje manages to weave an interesting script. However, the story told in the flashback style drags a bit and affects the flow of the film.The songs are okay. The dialogues by Trivikram are average with just three or four one-liners that are good. Still, there is hardly any one dialogue that one would remember after coming out of the cinema hall.Teen Maar is a average film that can be termed above average due to the high production values and direction. The drawback of the film is that the entertainment values are very less. The film gets a bit serious at time with discussion about affairs, meaning of love, value of the institution of marriage etc.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Radhika Rajamani Site:Rediff

Teenmaar is largely a remake of the Hindi film Love Aaj Kal (written and directed by Imtiaz Ali though it has been tweaked for the Telugu audience.Director Jayanth C Paranji, who comes back to direct this Pawan Kalyan-Trisha-Kriti Kharbanda starrer after a gap, does a fairly decent job keeping the Hindi film as a reference point. There were moments when the film slows down. The length of the film is a deterrent it’s an urban film. Teenmaar is entertaining despite its slow pace in parts. It’s Pawan’s show all the way mostly.

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Ratings:3.25/5 Reviewer:Site:SuperGoodMovies

This is a remake of Bollywood hit Love Aaj Kal and the Hindi movie title itself says what this movie is about.When said as two different stories, Theen Maar doesn’t seem like an interesting film. But when those two stories are clubbed together it turned out to be an engaging and entertaining fare. Thanks to the director that he didn’t include many characters and too much melodrama to make this film suitable for our masses. He has stuck to the core material of the original and the rest was done by Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram.Theen Maar lives up to its tag line ‘celebration of love’. This is the best film of Pawan Kalyan post Kushi. Even better than Jalsa content wise. Pawan has a winner on hands. Holidays and family crowds should lap it up.

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 Ratings:–/5 Reviewer:Sunita Chowdary Site:CineGoer

For people who are fed up with fairy tale stories, pseudo fantasy dramas and fights fought with swords and knives, and for those who have seen re-runs of mediocre movies bereft of choice and called it a commercial hit, here comes a remake that makes you recollect the joyous moments of the world cup victory and prompts you to do a Theen Maar. Trivikram Srinivas handles the structure of the film with aplomb, he avoids the frills and director Jayant C. Paranji, the style and look of the original; finally both of them have worked towards focusing on the main conflicting point of two adults, their views, deliberation, hesitation and confusion on love and allows them the opportunity to repair their lives.Theen Maar may be a little too old for Pawan Kalyan, Trish and Kriti but the overall content over takes any minor glitches in the story and makes it a true entertainer. It is Kalyan all the way, he starts the film off with a gusto and ends it on a high note that hits the heart.

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