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Overall Rating: 1.83/5

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Ratings:1/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand Site:IBNLive

There are dumb scripts and dumber scripts, but Main Aurr Mrs Khanna has got to be the dumbest. You feel nothing for the film’s characters because you cannot understand why they behave the way they do. It’s the kind of screenplay in which every obstacle in the characters’ lives could be overcome by having one sensible conversation which for some strange reason, they never have.I’m going with one out of five and a thumbs down for director Prem Soni’s Main Aurr Mrs Khanna; it’s a mystery how films like this get made.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:TimesOfIndia

Main aurr Mrs Khanna seems to have no passion at all. Neither love, nor anger, nor pain, nor envy. In an attempt to create a low key drama, debutant director, Prem Soni divests his film of all energy. Truly, this must be Kareena’s most thanda performance which fails to strike a single chord. So unlike the feisty actor! Salman too seems to have slipped into somnolent mode, creating a laid-back Mr Khanna who fails to convey the frustrations of a jobless husband. And so infectious is the lethargy, it even manages to curb a usually effervescent Sohail Khan who prefers to play it over the top in most of his cameos. Here, you hardly can make out whether he is heartbroken, happy or couldn’t care less.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Reviewer:Taran Adarsh Site:BollywoodHungama

MAIN AURR MRS. KHANNA, directed by debutante Prem Soni, could’ve been an interesting story had the drama quotient been a bit stronger. What comes across is too simple and ordinary. Actually, the problem lies in its writing. It wouldn’t be erroneous to say that Prem Soni, the director is letdown by Prem Soni, the writer. The writing gyrates from interesting to ordinary to unconvincing and that bogs the film down. The inconsistency is evident all through. Final words? This Mr. and Mrs. Khanna won’t live happily ever after!

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Ratings:1.5/5 Reviewer:Patcy N Site:Rediff

We have seen many films on marital problems. Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, starring Salman Khan , Kareena Kapoor and Sohail Khan , is no different. In fact, we wonder what made Salman say yes to Prem Soni’s directorial debut when he had already done a film on a similar topic in Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar. Surely it’s not to revive his brother Sohail’s (he is the producer of MAMK) flagging career?Well, whatever the reason, don’t hold your breath: Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is a failed attempt.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Gaurav Malani Site:Indiatimes

The film desperately struggles between being a comedy and a sensitive emotional drama but miserably fails on scoring in either genre. The character conflicts seem too insignificant which make you indifferent towards the resulting drama. The narrative lacks depth and ends up being a conventional love story. Prem R Soni tries too hard to add a shade of sensitivity in his direction but loses the grip as his writing is too fragile. The pacing is slow but thankfully the length is short.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Suranjana Nandi Site:Buzz18

Unexpected – is how I would describe this Salman-Kareena-Sohail starrer. I mean, what do you normally expect from a film with Sohail Khan in the lead? Silly jokes. Unrecognisable sounds/grunts. Corny dialogues. Sohail’s overdone and so-not-funny antics. This film has it all. YES! But, despite all that, the film is good.Well, maybe it’s not as entertaining as Salman’s last film Wanted, but Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, with Salman’s ‘extended special appearance’ (whatever THAT means) is meaningful. Without being too pretentious or soppy, the film brings out some basic emotional problems that, if given a chance, Yash Chopra would have turned into a 3-hour musical saga!

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