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Kaminey Movie Review

Overall Rating: 4/5

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Ratings: 4/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand Site:IBNLive

Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey is a film you’ll either love or passionately despise.It’s an unpredictable crime drama that combines violence and dark humor in a manner that’s reminiscent of the films of Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie and the Coen Brothers. And yet Kaminey is so original and inventive in the manner in which it takes Bollywood’s favorite formula – twin brothers – and turns it on its head.With unchoreographed action scenes and dances, and long portions with no background score at all, it’s a wildly imaginative, original offering from a fearless filmmaker who doesn’t insult your intelligence. Kaminey boasts the best performance you will see by an ensemble cast in a long time, and that includes even the bit players. As Charlie would say: It’s a MUFT-WATCH.

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Ratings: 4/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:TimesOfIndia

Kaminey is a smart and balsy film that brings Hollywood to Bollywood, reminiscent of the adventurism of Quentin Tarantino’s action thrillers which catapult the viewer into the dark, violent world of crime and criminals, leaving you no time to blink or breathe easy. More importantly, Kaminey is the first film which also credits its viewers with some intelligence. It demands your unbridled attention from the word GO and allows you to sit back only at your own peril. It teases you with its smartness and constantly challenges you to keep pace with the breathless tenor of the drama that unfolds through fast cuts, dizzy hand-held camera angles and a dark, brooding ambience. Watching Kaminey is like sitting on the edge of a volcano which can explode any time. And explode it does!

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Ratings: 4/5 Reviewer:Taran Adarsh Site:BollywoodHungama

Now Bhardwaj picks up characters that we have witnessed on the Hindi screen before, but executes it like Tarantino and Guy Ritchie do. He creates a film that’s so different from movies we’ve witnessed thus far. Let’s say, KAMINEY is bold, stark, funny and unpredictable and that’s what works in its favour. Okay, we’ve seen Shahid pitching in a sincere act in his earlier films, but KAMINEY should catapult him to superstardom. His double role in KAMINEY is exemplary. I wish to add that KAMINEY is not the usual masala film. Sure, it’s a well-made film, but there’s no spoon feeding here. One has to be attentive, very attentive to grasp the goings-on and also the twists in the tale. To cut it short, KAMINEY is a film with an attitude. Like it or leave it, but you’d never be able to ignore it. Word from the wise: Go for this hatke experience!

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Ratings: 4.5/5 Reviewer:Raja Sen Site:Rediff

Once in a particularly blue moon, comes a film that makes you wolf-whistle. One that then ties you to the edge of your seat and forcibly pins you there and pounces on you, eventually leaving you sitting in the dark, drained and grinning and more satisfied than a film has any business leaving you. This, ladies and gentlemen, is that kind of ride.So delicious is the movie’s gradual unravelling that I refuse outright to let you in on the plot itself — an enthralling tale of drugs, deceit, dingbats and dead-ringers — because you need to discover this on your own.The result is startlingly clever, an innovative film with genuine surprises. Kaminey is the kind of film whose success we ought all pray for, because it’ll prove smart cinema works.

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Ratings: 3/5 Reviewer:Gaurav Malani Site:Indiatimes

On second thoughts the narrative of Kaminey dominated by gang-war and drug mafia doesn’t sound absolutely innovative. The story-telling involves a multitude of characters, none of them being conventionally introduced or established. You are expected to acclimatize with each of them on your own and learn their conflicts, as the story progresses promptly.But Vishal Bharwadwaj applies a complete different language of cinema to make the film look fascinating.The second half tends to stretch with too many twists in the plot to reach a customary climax. Otherwise Kaminey is long, dark and handsome.

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Ratings: 4/5 Reviewer:Anupama Chopra Site:NDTV

Kaminey is the best Bollywood film I’ve seen this year. It’s an audacious, original rollercoaster ride. Written and directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, Kaminey requires patience and attention but the pay off is more than worth it. Kaminey will take some getting used to. It isn’t the comfort food that Bollywood normally dishes out. But I strongly recommend that you see it. This taste is worth acquiring.

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Ratings: 4/5 Reviewer:Ashok Nayak Site:Nowrunning

Kaminey is one of Vishal Bhardwaj’s finest works to date. Apart from excelling as the director, it is his writing that makes this one of the best edge-of-the-seat thrillers in a long longtime. The movie has emotions, drama, tragedy, suspense, thrill and a lot more. Not to be forgotten its outstanding music composition, dominated by the Dhan Teh Nan track.To sum up, Kaminey is a potential blockbuster. It has all the right ingredients along with superior direction, to please every cinegoer.

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Ratings: 4.5/5 Reviewer:Martin D Souza Site:Glamsham

Vishal Bhardwaj has lined himself up for some serious awards this coming year. Also, with KAMINEY, he has given Shahid Kapur his best role till date. I dare say it will be a long time, if ever, before Shahid gets to display himself as a complete actor again. There’s magic in the film, which hooks you from the beginning. The editing is razor sharp, the drama is top class, the performances super duper and the background score ‘with it’.If it is not going over the top, KAMINEY can be bracketed as the SHOLAY of our times, Sweety Bhope is the Basanti while Shahid’s Guddu and Charlie as Jai and Veeru.Statutory warning: If you watch it once, you will want to watch it again!

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