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Timthetatman Net Worth 2022: 5th Richest Streamer in the World


Timthetatman whose real name is Timothy John Betar has a net worth of $ 10 Million. His source of income is by being a game streamer on twitch and youtube.

Timthetatman Net Worth & Key Stats

Net Worth:$10 Million
Real Name:Timothy John Betar
Source of wealth:Twitch/Youtube
Relationship status:Married
Date of Birth:April 8, 1990
Age:31 years
Height:183 cm (6 feet 0 inches)
Profession:Professional Gamer

Timthetatman ‘s real name is Timothy John Betar and he was born in Syracuse in, New York in the United States of America, and is famous for live streaming games.

Timthetatman Biography/ Wiki

When he was just 13 years old he and his friend Action Jaxon who is also a streamer these days on twitch pooled together their pocket money to buy a computer and this computer got him started and addicted to video games. His father was against this addiction and wanted to make sure he was focused on school instead of being distracted by video games. Fortunately for Tim, he found a way to make a living out of playing video games later in life when the industry started booming and there were more opportunities for people like him.

Timthetatman Career

He graduated from North park university Illinois and got a job as a social worker but he was bored and decided to start his old hobby of gaming along with his job as a side hustle in 2012 and he started streaming on Twitch. On March 27, 2014, he realized that can make a living out of professional gaming and streaming and so he started doing it professionally after leaving his job. He streamed a bunch of games like Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, etc. When Fortnite was released in 2017 things started to change dramatically and his and other Twitch streamers’ popularity grew enormously with the huge rise in followers. In December 2019 he managed to sign an exclusivity contract with twitch.

In September 2021 Youtube got him to sign an exclusivity contract and he left twitch. In September only he also joined gaming company Complexity not only as a content influencer but also as a part-owner. He has 4.5 Million subscribers on Youtube and has gotten more than 700 million views on his videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Timthetatman Wife/ Girlfriend/ Relationships?

Timthetatman is married to his high school sweetheart Alexis and they were married in August of 2016.

How Old is Timthetatman: Age & Date of Birth?

31 years and  April 8, 1990, is his date of birth.

How tall is Timthetatman?

6 feet 0 inches or 1.83 m is Timthetatman’s height

How much does Timthetatman Weight?

Timthetatman weighs around 113 Kgs or 250 pounds.

How did Timthetatman get famous?

Timthetatman is famous for streaming games and he became famous with the Fortnite boom in 2017 and 2018

What does Timthetatman do For a Living?

Timthetatman is a full-time professional gamer or Youtuber and Twitch.

Timthetatman Marital Status

Timthetatman is currently married

Timthetatman Family /Mother / Father

Tim’s mother passed away when he was just 15 as she was an alcoholic. He has a son named brewer with his wife Alexis.

How rich is Timthetatman?

Timthetatman’s current net worth is $10 Million this also includes sales from his income from his branded products.

Timthetatman Assets / House / Car: How Does he spend her money?

Timthetatman’s has bought a Hennessy Maximus Jeep Gladiator recently which is a modified Jeep. While a standard jeep is expected to cost $150,000 a modified one should be worth at least $200,000

How much does Timthetatman make a month? Timthetatman Salary

Timthetatman makes an estimated $1.2 Million per year or $100k per month. This is an estimated sum of all his various ad revenue and exclusive content deals and the commission he gets from selling branded products in his name.

IsTimthetatman the richest Streamer?

While Tim is very successful and has a high net worth he is still the top 10 richest amongst streamers- Ninja aka Tyler Blevins is richer than him in-game streaming with a net worth of $15 Million Félix Lengyel,  or xQcOW is the highest-paid twitch streamer. Amongst creators, PewDiepie is the richest influencer with a net worth of $30 Million

How Timthetatman Makes Money and grew his Assets: Breakdown

Timethetaman makes his money in different ways the first is through Youtube views and ad revenue through that he gets as much as 40 Million views per month primarily in tier 1 audience which generates as much as $30K per month from youtube alone due to its RPM. When he was on twitch he had 30k paid subscribers and close to 7 Million followers and these subscribers paid $2.5 per month meaning that he made as much as $75 k per month from twitch so he made $105k per month. Now he has an exclusive content deal with Youtube so he must be making at $100 to $150k per month due to this contract alone which is why he is not even streaming on twitch anymore.

As per a Leak of all Twitch streamers from August 2019 to October 2021 Timethetaman made $3.29 Million which is good and equates to $ 1.2 Million per year that we have in our database

Timthetatman Computer Setup

Like every professional gamer, Tim has a specialized setup for his gaming in fact cost of his gaming setup is alone estimated to be $10,000 but most of its subsidized or gifted by his sponsors.  He has  NZXT as one of his sponsors who has helped him build a custom PC running on Intel I9-9900K and EVGA GeForce as processors. He also has another sponsor called Razer who has sponsored his mouse Deathadder V2 and keyboard which is Huntsman Elite. He continues to play all his games on LG monitor with high-end headset from Audio Technica and has used Herman Miller Mirra as his chair.

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