Halloween Movie Review

User Rating: 3.5
Halloween Movie Review

Average Ratings:3.5/5
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Neil Soans Site:  Times Of India

The impact of Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ was often imitated but never duplicated, even by its sequels. Fortunately, this new version goes back to the basics and ramps up what worked forty years ago. The iconic soundtrack, the spooky atmosphere and Michael Meyers’ familiar mask are all back to torment Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Too many side characters crowd the narrative especially when they don’t add much overall, and instead, distract from the main plot. Fortunately, director David Gordon Green has the good sense to steer the film back to a tense, and satisfying climax. By ignoring all the other entries in the franchise and firmly connecting to its original, ‘Halloween’ revives an almost forgotten sub-genre and gives fans a bloody good time.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Rucha Sharma Site:  DNA

Gordon’s handling of scenes is very crisp and minimalistic, which makes more of an impact than just the plain screaming and occasional gore on the screen. A little dash of humour makes you chuckle too. But it’s the intensity and the suspense in the final 10-15 minutes of the movie that will make it impossible for you to breathe. This is one Halloween treat you don’t want to miss

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Devesh Site:  Filmfare

All-in-all, women from different generations bonding together to combat a male evil seems strangely relevant for today’s times even as a horror film trope. Watch the film for some old-fashioned slasher fun and in-form acting from the ensemble cast.

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Ratings: 3/5 Review By: Gaurang Site: Times Now

The best part about these films is the background score. I just love Michael’s background score. Another thing that makes this film a thrilling ride is the old world charm that the director went for, which helps create the much-required eeriness. The editing is fine, the cinematography is good.Overall, Halloween is a homecoming for the slasher films which have been on a downward spiral for a long time now. This one will keep you at the edge.P.S – Wait for a post-credit tease.

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Halloween Story

It’s been 40 years since Laurie Strode survived a vicious attack from crazed killer Michael Myers on Halloween night. Locked up in an institution, Myers manages to escape when his bus transfer goes horribly wrong. Laurie now faces a terrifying showdown when the masked madman returns to Haddonfield, Ill. — but this time, she’s ready for him.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Judy Greer
Andi Matichak
Will Patton
Virginia Gardner
Nick Castle

Halloween Release Date:

Oct 26 ,2018 ( India)

Director: David Gordon Green

Running time: 1h 52m

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