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Friday, April 29, 2016

Shahrukh Khan's Views on Fan's Box Office: It' was never meant for heartland audience

Shahrukh Khan on Box OfficeShahrukh Khan's fan has underperformed at box office but SRK said that Fan was never meant to be a big box office grosser as they never meant it for heartland audience and they took a chance just making this movie.

He also said that he was aware of non commerical nature of the project  and felt that this movie was for the thinking audience and most directors are unable to get any of the stars to do such a movie so if a director and producer are taking a bet on such a subject with a star they should be appreciated for the courage and taking this chance

These are his quotes on the movie in an interview he gave to agency PTI
It's (Fan) not a film that heartland audience will like it. But we took a chance thinking hopefully they (audience) will like it, but they need song and dance. I am not unrealistic,"
On Dilwale which did well in heartland but struggled in multiplexes
My last film (Dilwale) had cars flying, there is dance and all so more heartland audience sees it and non-heartland don't see it. The idea is to make a film that everyone would see it,
On Swades which is one of his most praised movie
While (we) were making Swades, I had told Ashutosh Gowariker (film director) that hope you know this film will not make much business as the other (commercial) films do. But he had the guts to make a film like Swades with a star like me
On Offbeat Cinema
I think this is what we should celebrate. When a new kind of filmmaker comes, and makes something different with new people as he doesn't have access to others (stars), I really appreciate that. I think it is more appreciated when an established director, producer, star does something unusual like Fan,
SRK wants to mix commercial cinema with offbeat movies
As a person, it keeps me going as I feel I have done something different. It also enhances your way of making cinema. Then after six months you can make a commercial film. Will Smith does that, he makes a film for numbers as well one those which don't make that much numbers. I feel most actors should try and make that
SRK wants to cater to thinking audience also
There is thinking and talking audience that sees world cinema and assumes our cinema should reach there soon. Then there is an audience in the heartland of the country which believes still in values and thoughts and entertainment in a certain way
He was well aware of what fan was going to do.
"Language is a barrier, not everyone watches English, Spanish film. So, when you make a film like this, you know the film is not going to be universal, the heartland people are not going to understand. I don't think anyone is a hypocrite in this,
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Shahrukh Khan's Views on Fan's Box Office: It' was never meant for heartland audience
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  1. if one makes a good film it will work......unfortunately screenplay was very ordinary

  2. Mr Khan. Get this straight, CONTENT IS KING. 'Neerja' was a film without song and dance, it still went on to become a super hit with business almost in multiplications! Star or no star didnt matter here. Content did. :-/

    1. Dear man120 it will comfortably collect more than Neerja so don't compare with neerja

  3. Man120, I agree, as sonam was playing neerja and that also real story, here same crap srk tryingbto increase his brand value.
    He shd just do award shows and hebis good at that , morever if u dont need to pay thn ppl might tolerate self obsessed man.

  4. Fan movie life time excellent movie for blockbuster movie fan I love on SRK

  5. hahaha good joke by saifur rehman hehehehe just waitng for salman khans sultan


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