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Friday, March 25, 2016

Tera Suroor Budget & Two Week Box Office Collections : Low

Tera Suroor Budget  & Box Office Collections

Tera Surror Box Office Collection
Week 2:
1.74 Crore Trade Figure
2.77 Crore Producer Figure

9.84 Crore Trade Figure
14.15 Crore Producer Figure

Day 7 India
0.4 Crore Trade Figure
1.09 Crore Producer Figure

Day 6 India
0.5 Crore Trade Figure
1.18 Crore Producer Figure

Day 5 India
0.7 Crore Trade Figure
1.27 Crore Producer Figure

Day 4 India
1 Crore Trade Figure
1.38 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3 India:
2 Crore Trade Figure
2.58 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2 India:
1.75 Crore Trade Figure
2.09 Crore Producer Figure

Day 1 and Day 2 as per trade are exactly same.

Day 1 India:
1.75 Crore Trade Figure
1.79 Crore Producer Figure

Tera Suroor opened at 5-10% and stayed at that number through the day

However being a  low budget movie Tera Suroor doesn't need a lot for recovery but even that number will be difficult to reach.

Though trade thought that songs were successful but surprisingly  none of them made it to Top 10 hindi songs weekly list which meant appeal was even lower.

There was hope that movie and himesh's music would mean an appeal in mass areas like his last few movies but even that was not present.

  Tera Suroor  Budget

Tera Suroor  Budget is 11 Crores

Production Cost: 6.5 Crores ,
Prints & Advertising Cost 4.5 Crores.

Producers infact claim that they are profitable even before the release of the movie by satellite rights and music trade sources however refuse to believe that.

Tera Suroor  Screens

1748 screens Pan India with 5802 shows per day as per producers

Tera Suroor Hit or Flop

Tera Suroor  has very good economics but should still cross 20 Crores to be called a hit by trade.

Tera Suroor Trade Expectations

Tera Suroor  has poor expectations from Trade

Friday 1-2 Crore

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Tera Suroor Budget  & Two Week Box Office Collections : Low
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  1. Himesh u should continue your career as a singer,composer rather than actor in lead role although you can carry it on in supporting roles in films.
    As a well wisher I'm suggesting you. Please fix it on your mind.

    1. Hi...Himesh...
      My personal suggest you please do that which is grow up you. All know as u are best in singer, composer. so why u west your time dude ? My wishes are allways with you... please focus on your strength....

  2. Trend figure kahase milta hai. Aur producer figure kahase milta hai.

  3. Nice improvement in acting yaar...

  4. hemish is doing will, he is growing up.keep trying INSHA ALLHA you will become a big super star in acting and join acting school like that, and story of the movie should be heart touching like ashaqui 2. My best wishes for you.

  5. averge movie bollymoviereviewz not flop

  6. Give music....dont act....wasting time in acting.

  7. takle terese kuch na ho paega. tu rehen de


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