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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spotlight Movie Review

Spotlight Movie Review

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Ratings:4/5 Review By:Rajeev Masand  Site:CNN IBN
From the thrill of meeting a deadline to the horror of being scooped by a rival, to the sheer frustration of watching a lead go cold, co-writer/director Tom McCarthy depicts the highs and lows of the reporting profession with remarkable understanding. This is that rare film that appeals to both the head and the heart. In these cynical times, it’s comforting to be reminded of the power of solid, honest journalism. I’m going with four out of five. Nominated for 6 Oscars, Spotlight is my favorite of the 8 films nominated for Best Picture this year.
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Ratings:4/5 Review By:Gavin Site:TOI
Spotlight is pretty heavy on dialogue, completely essential though, as the movie is a no-nonsense retelling of a very serious subject and painstaking effort has gone into getting the details right. The real life investigation conducted by the team of Spotlight journalists won them a Pulitzer Prize. In case you do watch this movie - and it is highly recommended that you do - it'll be easy to see why they won that honour. Bold, audacious and shocking, a consummate piece of work.
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Ratings:4.5/5 Review By:Raja Sen Site:Rediff
In paying homage to that masterwork, Spotlight gains narrative heft but falls back on familiar footholds. It is a film destined to be this generation’s All The President’s Men instead of setting a Spotlight for other films to aspire toward. Yet this film shines for its determined eagerness to not shine.
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Spotlight Story: 

In 2001, editor Marty Baron of The Boston Globe assigns a team of journalists to investigate allegations against John Geoghan, an unfrocked priest accused of molesting more than 80 boys. Led by editor Walter "Robby" Robinson (Michael Keaton), reporters Michael Rezendes (Mark Ruffalo), Matt Carroll and Sacha Pfeiffer interview victims and try to unseal sensitive documents. The reporters make it their mission to provide proof of a cover-up of sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church.

Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Live Schrieber, John Slattery, Brian d'Arcy James, Stanley Tucci

 Release Dates: Feb 19 2016 ( India)

Director:  Tim Miller

Running time: 2h 8m

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Spotlight Movie Review
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  1. SPOTLIGHT movie review:

    'A Spotlight Of Hope'

    Michael Keaton plays the role of Walter Robinson aka Robby who is the lead editor of the Spotlight team(A small group of journalists writing investigative articles that take months to research and publish).Team Spotlight also consist of Michael ‘Mike’ Rezendes(Mark Ruffalo),Sacha Pfeiffer(Rachel McAdams),Ben Bradlee Jr(John Slattery) and Matt Carroll(Brian D’Arcy James).When The Boston Globe’s new editor Marty Baron(Liev Schreiber) reads a column about the sexual abuse of kids by the priest and didnt stop this heinous act inspite of knowing about it,he urges team Spotlight to investigate on this case.

    Spotlight is the most audacious film I have seen in recent years!Because,it speaks of an issue about which people always stay disturbingly silent while they actually shouldnt!The best part about SPOTLIGHT is that it manages to convey the pain and suffering faced by the survivors without actually showing any scenes of physical or sexual abuse!It is conveyed merely through interview scenes.But,these scenes are so well acted that it manages to shock you as well as shed a tear in some of them.SPOTLIGHT’s uncompromised approach is also worth applauding.The film does not fall for any sort of jingoism towards the catholic church and also avoides all sorts of commercial tropes to create a non-violent yet gut wrenching eye-opener!
    SPOTLIGHT is a phenomenally acted film.Michael Keaton has nailed a second performance in a row after Riggan Thompson in last year’s phenomenal ‘BIRDMAN’.His role in SPOTLIGHT is a complete contrast.While in BIRDMAN,Keaton got to unleash his inner wildside and go completely crazy,in SPOTLIGHT,he is subtle and he plays,or rather,underplays his role to perfection.Rachel McAdams,John Slattery,Brian D’Arcy James and Liev Scrieber have comparitively smaller roles but they too have played their roles well and they have also made their presence felt.But,the standout mention goes to,take a bow,none other than,Mark Ruffalo.Ruffalo has nailed it as Mike Rezendes.His character in this film is a complete contrast to anything he has done till date!Watch out for his monologue in the end of the second act!He tugs your heart-strings as well as makes you root for him even more!
    SPOTLIGHT is a direction masterclass!Tom McCarthy’s direction is subtle yet perfect!He maintains the film at a languid(relaxed) pace which is important for films which deal with a lot of facts at once.But,McCarthy’s masterful direction and the taut screenplay ensures that you are seldom bored.McCarthy also ensures that the film is well edited and not even a single scene feels out of place or unnecessary.
    Background Score:
    The background score of SPOTLIGHT is done by three-time ACADEMY AWARD winner Howard Shore and it clearly shows!The background score is evocative as well as emotional and does a bang on job on helping the audience to emotionally connect with the film and also sympathise with the film’s characters and feel the ordeal that they have been through.
    SPOTLIGHT is not a scenic film or a stunning visual extravaganza where I can write a thesis about it’s cinematography or visuals.But,the cinematography by Japanese cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi does a perfect job in capturing the visually minimalist look and feel of the film.
    Final Verdict:
    Of all the BEST PICTURE nominations in this year’s ACADEMY AWARDS,SPOTLIGHT is my favorite film!It is shocking,bold,disturbing,but at the same time,it is an important film as well as it is one of the most socially relevant films ever made!My final verdict for SPOTLIGHT is a glowing:

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