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Friday, December 25, 2015

Dilwale Tuesday ( Fifth day) Box Office Collections: Steady

Dilwale Box Office Collections

 Dilwale Tuesday ( Fifth day) Box Office Collections
Dilwale Poster
Fifth Day:

9.42 Crore nett Producer Figure 
8.24 Crore nett  Trade Figure .India

Check Dilwale 6th Day Collections here

84.6  crore nett Producer Figure .India.
81.87 Crore  nett Trade Figure .India

As per Producers Dilwale is ahead of Bajirao Mastani but as per trade it is opposite

On Tuesday Dilwale was again down from Monday by around 13-14% which is an average trend for most movies.

Dilwale however continues to be lower than Bajirao Mastani

Multiplexes were down the most as they are shifting screens to Bajirao Mastani and that is also the preferred movie for multiplexes.

Dilwale has strongest hold in East India ( Bihar, West bengal) and Andhra in rest of India it is falling.

Dilwale has suffered the most from the clash as Families and class audiences chose Bajirao Mastani which meant that multiplexes favored Bajirao Mastani.

Single screens continue to be good for Dilwale but they tend to have lower ticket prices and hence lower collections.

Producers have already made their profits but its distributors who are disappointed by Dilwale's performance.


Day 4
10.09 Crore nett Producer Figure .India.
9.58 Crore nett  Trade Figure .India

$8.5 Million or Rs 56.38 Crores

142.14 Crores gross ( Weekend)

Day 3:
24  Crore nett Producer Figure .India.
23.03  crore nett Trade Figure .India.

Day 2:
20.09 Crores nett Producer Figure India
20.04  crore nett Trade Figure .India.

41.02 Crore  nett Trade Figure .India
41.09  crore nett Trade Figure .India.

Thursday + Friday: 3.4 Million or Rs 22.61 Crores gross

Day 1:
21 Crores nett Producer Figure India
20.98 Crores nett Trade Figure .India.

Weekdays will tell the real story for Dilwale.

Dilwale Overseas

Dilwale had the second highest opening weekend of 2015 in overseas see the breakup on the link

Dilwale Opening Weekend Records

First Weekend box office collections of Dilwale are 3rd highest of 2015 behind Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Bajrangi Bhaijaan

First Weekend collections are also the 10th highest opening weekend of All time

This is also the 3rd highest opening weekend number for a Shahrukh Khan movie after Happy New year and Chennai Express

Dilwale Opening Day Records

1.) Dilwale has collected 21-22 Crores as per Trade Figure estimates  which is the 3rd highest of 2015 behind Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

2.) Dilwale is  12th  Highest Opening day of All time

3.) Dilwale is Shahrukh Khan's 3rd Highest opening day in his career behind Happy New year and Chennai Express

4.) Dilwale is highest ever opening day for Varun Dhawan in his career

Dilwale Trade Expectations
Friday 24 Crore
Saturday 25cr
Sunday 28cr
Weekend 77cr

Dilwale Screens:

2600-2700 as per trade sources while producers claim 3000 screens

This is a highly discputed number as both Dilwale and Bajirao mastani are claiming a 3000 screen count in India which cannot be possible as total India screen counts are lower.

Dilwale Budget:

Total: 110 Crores Without Shahrukh Khan's Salary

Production Cost: 85 Crores

Prints and Advertising cost 25 Crores

Shahrukh Khan's salary is usually in 50 crores range but as it is his own production he has not taken any salary  for the movie since the profits would be his own

Dilwale Box Office Verdict:

160 Crore - Hit
190 Crore - Superhit
225 Crore - Blockbuster

Dilwale Hit Ya Flop Economics:

Red Chillies Entertainment  is itself distributing Dilwale  and has sold the all India theatrical rights of Dilwale for Rs 130 Crores to individual distributors by territory.

Actual Hit or flop would be decided at India theatrical cost so we would take this number for Hit or Flop

Music Rights have been sold to Sony for Rs 15 Crore

Overseas Rights have been sold at 40 Crores Minimum Gurantee and an overflow if overseas crosses a certain number.

Sattelite Rights have a box office performance clause and should fetch 45 crores if the movie crosses 200 crores at box office.

On a Production House basis 120 crores profit  will come to red chillies if movie performs as per expectations and hits 200 crores

Dilwale Trailer:

Here is the Dilwale Theatrical Trailer 

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 Dilwale Tuesday ( Fifth day) Box Office Collections: Steady
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  1. The Dilwale movie was awesome. the kajol and sharuk pair was good. But the movie slows a bit after reaching second half. Hope Bajirao Mastani will rock. But damn sure Dilwale is King.
    Thanks for the post :-)

  2. I am boycotting saharukh khan movie,and advertising product also,so please dont watch his movie,respect india,as a indian,then only they can understand what we can do.and they ll never tell like that.

    1. We are not boycotting him. India is not intolerant so we judge only by merit. Boycotting will only prove intolerance.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. First listen to the interview then judge,srk didn't said anything like that ,cunning media falsely trap this poor guy to get TRP ,plz stay away from Media Scam

  3. Go go 4 India watching movie dilwale we r proud to be srk hi is indian ..ans awesome movie

  4. What a movie..., great SRK..., full entertaining..., all go to watch it

  5. diwale is a super flop and crap movie waste of time and money high budget movie and already 35 percent public rejected movie and very very difficult to recover cost 130 crore it is a big flop ,ramlal dhobi flop

  6. dilwale is love story of gangster people and their family a very old stoy varun sharma and varun dhwana waste and it is crap movie it is a big flop movie

  7. Well mr anonymous, ur speaking about recovering 130 crores.... It has already recovered 180 crores by just selling rights.... Imagine if it performs well...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Every people has right to express hid freedom.also could say about the bad things happened in his country.it doesn't mean that he is not patriot.

    1. I like SRK and Depika both. I wish both film will do good business.

    2. I am also respect to the srk struggling. But there thinking & behavior abt india is not good.
      Actually i am also boycotting to srk not movie.for only because they can understand what we can do then anybody told like that

    3. Bhagyesh to english ka gerua kar diya...

    4. bhagyesh jo english likha hai sablog usko padho... DILWALE BAAJIRAO kuch ni hai iske entertainment ke saamne bc

  10. I Love You Shah rukh Khan ...I'm Muzafar Khan Achlana

  11. All boycotters hope u guys won't forget to boycott AAmir's movie next year.

  12. Sure we ll do that same for amir khan,one more thing srk and amir khan ll done something for chennai victims,a ordinary people helped,but not these bullshit celebrities.

  13. Dilwalon ki jeet ka jashan pora india manaega.luv u SRK

  14. Very awesome movie...Srk is indian...and he already said sorry for his statement. We should support his movie.so we can prove that we r good..and..Indians respect Indian. So go and watch..movie.this is very good entertainment movie...blockbuster

  15. hey u just hate srk 1 cmnt of intollerence... in india everybody have a freedom to discuss their prblm...so srk y can't...

  16. or waise bhi nobody want 2 leave khan movies

  17. Fistly srk ka interview sino.he has not said about India. He started with if.and I think u people understand the meaning of it.he said we are stopping our country to progress if we create intolerance. I hope everybody will understand.

  18. Fistly srk ka interview suno.he has not said about India. He started with if.and I think u people understand the meaning of it.he said we are stopping our country to progress if we create intolerance. I hope everybody will understand.

  19. bajirao mastani is good as dilwale.

    in dilwale only starcast is good and story wahi (ghisi piti)

    But in bajirao great story and acting by ranveer and this movie give a message for unity between all religion and cast.

    so please watch bajirao mastani and know something about history(not full movie is real).

  20. Donated 500 rs to chennai relief ...did not watch dilwale... watched bajirao mastani....what an amazing movie made just like Bahubali

    1. Means SRK word atleat give courage to you to donate something, by the way how many times in life you have donated before this, haahh ,well done amir and srk

  21. Bjp workers(S3x workers) ki fa.ti padi hai. Nanga Naach krne ke bad bi movie ko Block buster hone se ni bacha pa rahe hain. Lol

  22. Jis kam ko log mana karen samajh jao wo kam acha hai. Go n watch DILWALE #IndiaWaleWithDilwale . Bjp workers ko 50 Rs dekar koi bi bula sakta h tod fod karne ke liye. Ye 24×7 khali hote hain .Yahi becharo ka dhanda hai. Lol

  23. @abhishek tiwari bhai. BjayP ke log Anpad Gawar 5th pass hote hain. SRK ,Amir jo bolte hain Eng me wo inhe palle ni padta. Haha :D

  24. Bajirao never lost a battle...BM will be watched and admired for centuries..A classic, a masterpiece, a beautiful painting which mesmerises you.The great artist SLB will be revered.His vision is spectacular.He needs to take a bow.Hats off to him. He deserves all the accolades.Standing ovation. Bravo !!

  25. The people bycoting srk and amir movies are proving them 100% right, that the thing they are talking the people in india are becoming intolerent dont have courage to face the reality even listen about it

  26. You indians are stupid and ugly, go educate your selfves you poor stupid bastards

  27. Read the following. Laugh guaranteed.

  28. Srk ki itna fati ki wo ek cartoon kris ke saath v advertising karne laga,or to or news channels ko v paisa diya ki movie hit hai bolne k liye,frankly friends bolrahe hai ki bajirao mastani acha hai stupid dilwale se,bhai log jago celebrities k movie k piche mat bhago,kahani pe jao or movies ki respect karo,nahi iss tarah stupid celebrities k liye,jo apne aap ko intolorance mante hai,hamare india pe,jo ki wo ajj jo kuch v hai isi india k liye or hamare liye,wese to hum tolorate kiya hai happy new year,ra one jaise movie dekh ke srk ko,jago dosto jago

  29. Bhakto aur asis das ki kitni fa.ti padi h ye to iske comment se pata lag ja raha h.abey bhajipav kabristani ke liye bolna h to jake uske page pe bol na waha ek bhi comnt ni h.yaha teri gaa.nd mar.wane ka matlab saaf h kitna chaudi hoti ja rahi h. Bhakto ke nanga naach karne k bad bi kuch ni ukhad paye. Ab bhakto ko road par nange hokar gaan.d marwake try krna chaiye . Indiawale with Dilwale. Bhakt gaa.nd me danda liye wale. Kaise bhi mar-walo bhajipao ko FLOP hone ni bacha paoge. Lol.

  30. Sabka baap SRK Saab.....

    First Indian International star

    Proud to have in bollywood. ..

  31. Baap ata hai to har kisi ki phat hi jati hai koi baat nahi lekin jaldi silwa lena kyonki baap phir se aane wala hai with FAN and RAEES....

  32. Abe chutiyon agar Amir aur SRK ko bollywood se nikalo doge to bollywood mein bachega kya...

    Tum logon ko bas nafrat failane ka bahana chahiye....

    1. @Sultan... nafrat koun faila raha hain.. ?? who is playing politics?? They couldn't digest the fact tht Modi became PM..thts fine..but y the hell they end up defaming India.?? ab public bhi maare gii Tel lagaake..

  33. dont watch this movie, its waste of time

  34. desh Drohi ka movie dekhte nhi

  35. jitna kharcha movie pe nahi huwa utana add. pe ho raha hain....ha haaaaaaaa.....poor guy srk....

  36. Guys you all are right,dekhkne nahie chahiye,iss harami celebrities ki movie,jo ki apne maa ko sehen na kar paye

  37. Monday ko dilwale ki pol khul jayegi, film. 150 cr paar nahi hogi, guys ek baat aur srk - aamir kuch bolte hai, to itni problem ho rahi hai sabko, yeh politician desh ko loot rahe hai billions me , woh nahi dikhta bewakufo, band karo yeh bakwas .......bade aaye aamir , srk ko baahar nikalne wale, dam hai to inn politician ko nikalo, yeh bechare actor hai, inhe acting karne do, filme 200 crore kamati hai, to sabki jalti hai, arbo ke ghotale nahi dikhte, lekin tum bewakufo ko kya fark padta hai, aise bewakuf bante raho ....

    1. Maine bola tha, monday ko dilwale ki pol khul jayegi, khul gayi naa, 24 cr se 8 cr pe aa gayi, chennai express aur happy new year bhi kachra tha, pata nahI kaise chal gaya, magar yeh film shahrukh ki pol khol degi ......

  38. Must watch Dilwale. Superb adventure, comedy, action and romance. The pair of SRK and Kajol has added colours to this film.

  39. I am a shahrukh khan fan.but I am a Sri Lankan.I love my country.u don't know there is a many of srkfans in sri Lanka.I don't know,he like sri Lanka or not.we like imitate him.he always touch our hearts(dil).most people like America,england etc.but I like India.because of srk.I am a good buddhist.but he is Muslim.I never have problem with that.only I know he is a best guy.best dilwala.we must always think what is right or wrong and get right thing.That's what I learn from my religion.srk is right about religion intolerance. open you're mind and just think about that.you must proud.because he is a indian.he love his country. his personality always teach how Indians are lovely.I always search him from Google.because I love him so much.DILWALE is a best movie.u must watch it.don't miss it guys.watch it from you're heart.u feel that's a great film you watched. I know I have bad English.sorry for that.I just want to say how much sri lankan love him.thanks

  40. sanka you are right .you have good knowledge.advice all indians

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. sanka you are right .you have good knowledge.god bless you and we ,the indian tried to kickout the word " intolerance"
    dilwale is the best movie .we watch it without boycott.

  43. Yrr matlab ramlal sahi Me Chakka (sixer) prove Ho gya
    But ye rhi shetty Ko kya Ho gya

  44. Plesae ban this India hater from India


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