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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Brothers Movie Review

Brothers Movie Review

Brothers Hindi Movie Review
A Still from Brothers
Average Ratings:2.27/5

Reviews Counted: 12
Neutral :1
Negative : 7

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN
Brothers, despite its contrivances, leaves you choked more than once. How can it not, with all that unabashed emotional manipulation? Throwing in an item song, repeated flashbacks, and too many cutaways of an anguished wife (Jacqueline Fernandez), Malhotra lays it on thick to a premise already inherently melodramatic. He’s further Bollywood-izing a plot that’s already ‘too Bollywood’ to begin with. The result is a film that’s trying a little too hard.I’m going with two-and-a-half out of five.
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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site:Film Companion
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Ratings:-- Review By:Komal Nahta  Site:Zee ETC Bollywood Business
On the whole, Brothers, a mixed martial arts film, may carry mixed reports but it will ultimately prove to be a paying proposal for all concerned. It will do good business in multiplexes and single-screen cinemas, and in ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ class centres. The national holiday tomorrow will see collections take a huge jump.
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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Sukanya Verma Site:Rediff
Brothers should've picked the flamboyant, over-the-top WWF in place of MMA. It's more in sync with Malhotra's masala aesthetics and the memory of Akshay Kumar taking on Undertaker in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi still delights. What you get is an earnest Khiladi sporting his graceful greys in a movie that's too cosmetic, loud and exhausting to take notice.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By:  Srijana Mitra Das Site:TOI
Brothers revisits Bollywood's 'Ma' obsession, offering action, adrenalin and abs too.However, its angst could have hit a much harder punch - for when blood sours, it explodes.But Brothers, despite mouthing, 'Har sport mein thora drama toh hota hai', only skims that dramatic surface. It could've dived in deeper.
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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Raja Sen Site:Rediff
The entire first half, in fact, is unwatchable. I must here apologise. I may here have implied that the post-intermission portion is any good. It isn’t, though the good news is that after such a horrendous first-half, it does at least feature some spiffy camerawork and well-choreographed action sequences. The bad news is that this is all the second half has, as we go through MMA fight scene after MMA fight scene till we get to the MMA fight scene we knew was coming all along: one where two brothers glare and fight and cry ad nauseam.
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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Saibal Chaterjee Site:NDTV
For all the hoopla, Brothers, in going for the jugular, punches well below its weight. It makes so much noise that any sensible point about brotherly bonding and filial fidelity that it might be trying to make is completely drowned out by the decibels. Take your earplugs along.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By:  Shubha Site:Mid-day
If merciless and relentless crunching of bones gets your adrenalin pumping, this film is designed for you. The second half is where all the action literally is. The two brothers vie for the MMA championship and end up facing each other in the ring at one point, ending in a fantastic finale. The film actually belongs to the two brothers. Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra
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Ratings:2/5 Review By: ShubraGupta Site:Indianexpress
‘Mukkas’ and mush can go together, but not when the latter threatens to drown the former. When the tough get going, audiences are happy to toughen it out too. Here we see the brothers go at each other, limbs snapping at each blow, and all we can hear is ‘bhaiyyaaa’.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Hungama Site:Bollywood Hungama
On the whole, BROTHERS is a huge letdown on the account of its slow pace and lack of emotional connect. At the box office, the movie will enjoy huge footfalls over the weekend due to Independence Day Holiday and lack of credible opposition at the cinema halls. The real struggle for the film however will start from Monday onwards, which would turn out to be the deciding factor of the fate of the film.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Priyanka Prasad Site:Filmibeat
This movie is for both family and youth! Although the youth would enjoy it a tad bit more as Akshay and Sidharth give you one of the best Bollywood action scenes ever. Brothers makes for one great weekend watch, that you just ought to see! So don't miss, book your tickets right away!
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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Lokesh dharmani Site:Masala
Brothers was made by putting the DVD of Warrior in a Xerox machine. Alas the paper got stuck, the Xerox machine's ink expired and what came out was a bad, melodramatic, manipulative, painfully long version of the original. The first half establishes the characters. The second half is like a WWF YouTube that never ends! It’s an MMF fight, a sport I don’t know much about Brothers, despite being a powerful story, lost the plot in the telling. I suggest get a DVD of Warrior instead.
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 Name: Brothers

Synopsis:Two estranged, street-fighting brothers (Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra) square off against each other in a mixed martial arts tournament.

Release Dates: August 14, 2015

 Director:  Karan Malhotra

Running time: 2h 35m

Music composed by:  Ram Sampath

Genres: Action

Akshay Kumar as David Fernandes,
 Sidharth Malhotra as Monty Fernandes,
 Jacqueline Fernandez as Jenny Fernandes,
Jackie Shroff as Gary Fernandes,
Shefali Shah as Maria Fernandes,
 Ashutosh Rana as Umesh,
 Kareena Kapoor as Special appearance in song "Mera Naam Mary",
Kiran Kumar as Peter Bregenja a Former Mixed Martial Art Champion.

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Brothers Movie Review
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  1. worst movie ever, don't watch

    Use your Right to Stay Away! [1.5/5]

    No offense is taken if you have opted for a plot full of hard clichés but treating it like one is a big bad crime. And Karan Malhotra is a serious offender of doing so in his official remake of WARRIOR- a punchful fighting action drama from Hollywood. In fact, he has been accused of the same in his first venture AGNEEPATH- another remake, this time of a Bollywood blockbuster. Thankfully, the 100 Cr indemnity at the box-office saved him from facing the heat. My prayers go straight to him for his latest sin. BROTHERS is as painful as the heavy and heartless punches in the ring could possibly hurt a regular man. It is so formulaic in its melodramatic emotions and in the laziest cinematic treatment that as an evolved movie-watcher, you would feel disgusted, snubbed and insulted for whatever intellect you could bring along. And the worst part is, you pay for it.

    Catholics are the most ill-treated [in their standard portrayal] and idly-written characters in any typical Bollywood film. You don’t need to ask for their names or surnames as they are all the same. Any Fernandez or Braganza will do. Even David and Maria are a better connect. And then, put the holy-cross all around in as many ways you can. Tattoos look cool, on Catholics. They can be freely shown drinking their guts out. Isn’t it a must in their religion? Putting merely a ‘Man’ at the end of a sentence and replacing every other word with its English translation in a Hindi sentence will positively end all the doubts of them being a Fernandez or Braganza or a D’Souza. If you are being impatient to typecast the Catholics, you sure should rush to Karan Malhotra. He is the one-point source to anything and everything related to them. He is the next Mahesh Bhatt in this particular field of interest.

    Now, let’s look at the plot. The alcoholic Senior Fernandez [Jackie Shroff] is released from the jail after serving a life term for accidently murdering his loving wife [Shefali Shah]. He is the man seeking redemption for his sin. So, the tears need to be constantly in supply whether it is the matter of ‘khushi’ or ‘gham’. By the way, fighting is the family game of the Fernandez. The elder Fernandez [Akshay Kumar] has left it long back for the sake of his family and is now leading a regular low life. The real Fernandez [Jacqueline] plays the better-half of the reel Fernandez. What a cheesy trivia! The younger and step-Fernandez [Another Malhotra, Siddharth] is angry, very angry. Enters Mr Braganza, the filthy Lalit Modi of MMA [Mixed Martial Art] league! The hunt for the champion of the league will also witness the biggest clash in Indian fighting scene. It is blood against blood.

    Gavin O’Connor’s WARRIOR was a perfect film for Karan Malhotra to remake. One could smell from miles as how he is going to adopt it. The melodrama is on its highest. People cry, shout and walk like zombies-on the-loose to release and reveal their stressed present and stormed past. The writing is all impudent, brazen and audacious, especially in the second half where running commentary of the event covers the most of the part. Songs are relatively more comforting and that doesn’t include one of the most the nonsensical and nasty item songs featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan. My takeaway from these dance numbers is the fact that no matter how titillating they are in nature, the people around in the song don’t bother to ‘bother’ the lady in the middle. How gentle, polite and tender Indian Men in front of camera can be!

    At the end, I know it is not the end. Many have taken an oath to keep the histrionics of old-bollywood clichés alive till they are in business. Karan Malhotra is just one of them. The other Karan [Johar] I am sure will get busy in finalizing the deal of another remake for him, soon after confirming BROTHERS’ weekend collection at the box-office. Brothers in crime! If you don’t want to fight with your conscience, use your right to stay away! [1.5]

  3. Replies
    1. Go and lick shahrukh and salman balls...

  4. Brothers helmed by Karan Malhotra has everything you could possibly want from an inspirational-but-grounded sports movie ; Brooding themes of brotherhood, redemption and guilt, a scrappy underdog beating the odds and of course the Big Competition at the end. For my detailed review, please visit.......

  5. So here comes the worst movie of this year

  6. That director of brothers is a complete clown.
    He thinks he is good, when all he does is scream and make noise.
    He does does not know how to direct with a poetic and kinetic touch.
    He should learn from Japanese and Korean directors.
    Mr. Malhotra, please get your head out for some fresh air.
    And stop thinking you are the next great Hollywood director.
    You direct like eating and making a very crude channa bhaatura.
    Too much salk and too much dirty chick peas.
    I will ignore your movies.

  7. Why are u saying "Stop Thinking You Are The Next Great Hollywood Director" ?? Aren't there any great directors in Bollywood ?? And let me remind you that this is the same director who directed the very successful AGNEEPATH . And as far as BROTHERS is concerned just wait and watch how much the film collects . And finally I doub't whether you have even seen the film.

  8. superb movie...haters keep jealous...Great Movie Great Action...I'm Sure Brothers will Enjoy Good Day 1 and Great Weekend...

  9. superb movie...haters keep jealous...Great Movie Great Action...I'm Sure Brothers will Enjoy Good Day 1 and Great Weekend...

  10. superb movie...haters keep jealous...Great Movie Great Action...I'm Sure Brothers will Enjoy Good Day 1 and Great Weekend...

  11. superb movie...haters keep jealous...Great Movie Great Action...I'm Sure Brothers will Enjoy Good Day 1 and Great Weekend...

  12. Karan was a fantastic director, one of the best directors I've seen with very good advice on performance and depth.. I feel that some reviewers are part of some kind of opposite filmmakers group like Salman Khan or others.. because all the audience reviews are way better.. This is a very big hit and a people's movie !

  13. I'm big fan of sidharth malothra but should say really the movie is not good at all its very boring and slow very disappointed ��

  14. Mein ne life mein abhi tak cinema theatre dekha Hi nahi..

  15. Mein ne abhi tak cinema theatre dekha Hi nahi..

  16. Akshay is always best from others and this movie is a punch 3khans

  17. Only 3 day collection crosses 50 crore this shows how this movie is decent
    Another superhit from akki

    Must watch

  18. Fabulous movie..great acting by akki and Sid.....


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