Ugly First week Box Office Collection: Very Poor


Ugly Box Office Collection

First Week total: 2.66 Crore (trade Figure)

First Monday: 24 lacs
First Tuesday : 22 Lacs
Wednesday: 21 Lacs
Thursday: 33 Lacs

Ugly had a first weekend box office collections of Rs 1.66 Crore (Trade figure).

Friday: 0.41 Crore
Saturday: 0.58 Crore
Sunday: 0.67 Crore

Ugly had a very low budget of 5.5 Crore including promotions cost but it failed to recover even that.

Ugly had a limited release in only 300 screens pan India.

Ugly had no awareness and lack of promotions meant that too few people even knew about movie’s release.

Ugly had no release in few circuits

Ugly was last choice this weekend behind PK, Night of the museum 3 and Lingaa hindi dub

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