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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction Review

Transformers 4  Rating: 2.75/5

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Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction English Movie Review

Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN
To be fair, 'Age of Extinction' delivers pretty much everything one would expect from a 'Transformers' movie - both the good and the bad, and then some. Like the previous films, this fourth installment is beset with script holes, clunky dialogue, hammy acting, and the overconfidence of a director who doesn't know when to stop. But for fans of the same noisy but vacuous spectacle that these films have come to represent, 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' is actually a step up from the last film. I'm going with two-and-a-half out of five. Now if only you'd carried that cushion.
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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Gavin Rasquinha Site: Times Of India (TOI)
But while the effects are totally off the hook, the dialogues sound like a random collection of one-liners. Indeed, the machines display a wider range of emotions. But then again, you don't watch a Michael Bay film for intense dialogues. The idea is, why shoot a person just once when you can take a cannon instead and literally shred not only the person, but the car next to him, the building behind him and a few bystanders, with a few hundred bullets and shells for good measure. Be it fiery photogenic explosions, smashing buildings, mega monster battles and more, there is no doubt that action rules this film.
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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Sukanya Verma Site: Rediff
To be fair, the first Transformers movie was rather enjoyable. But its sequels -- Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon -- are so brazen about their intentions -- box-office; it’s hard to assess a business model like a product of cinema. Given the unexplained draw the Transformers brand has, I won’t be surprised if this one works too. But nearly three hours divided in yawns and headache prompts me to repeat what Optimus Prime says in the end, “Leave Planet Earth alone.” You hear that, Bay?
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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Shubhra Gupta Site: Indian Express
So it’s no surprise that the plot is besides the point. Like the previous ones, this latest is all about the noise that Bay can generate, and he is Hollywood’s biggest detonator, no contest. The endless car chases, explosions, crumbling buildings, are all tricked out at ear-shattering decibels. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the 3D : the glasses were light and the screen stayed lit up, rather than dark.
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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Saumya Sharma Site: Bookmyshow
Transformers: Age of Extinction is a film that wins due to its fantabulous visual and sound effects. While it is a tad-bit too long, no one’s really complaining, ’cause there is a lot you can look forward to. From apocalypse, to dinosaurs (now dinobots), to man-made autobots, to family drama, there’s something in it for everyone. This is the perfect weekend outing for everyone. Explosions and destruction galore, the film is a visual treat in signature Michael Bay style. Go alone or with company, the effect of the film shall linger on until much later. Promise.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi
I am a fan girl when it comes to the Transformers series and no matter how bad the film turns out to be, it is a mandatory watch. I am sure many of my readers can resonate with this feeling of sparkling ebullience. Transformers: Age Of Extinction is pretty much a must watch. Wooting for the rip roaring autobots is guiltless fun and the child inside me couldn’t help but be overwhelmed. Despite the ironies, the gags and the needless humor working as constant distraction and the story making no significantly memorable headway, the editors along with Bay have created a technical paragon with this! Peeps, the level just got a notch higher and you would regret missing this!
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Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction Review
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  1. TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction (3/5)

    Michael Bay always succeeds in surprising me with a new Brand of special effects.
    And with the 4th installment he raises the bar even more than the previous Dark of the Moon.
    Also to his capability, he hooks you throughout the movie(Despite the excessive runtime) with just visuals itself.

    But, like always, the plot is weak......and this time it's hammy acting that irritates.
    Simply ZERO emotional quotient. I never cared for any character. The Robots were fascinating though. Especially Galvatron and Lockdown. Bumblebee was cut short but good and Optimus rocked!

    Other flaws include forgettable soundtrack, bad editing(30 minutes were absolute waste) and the excessive and somewhat repetitive action in the climax staged at Hong Kong. It never overpowered the thrilling Clash at Chicago of T3.

    The screenplay was inconsistent. At one moment, you are blown away with the spectacular cinematography & action, but just the other one bores you badly. This venture continued till the end.

    Still, at last I will recommend watching T4.
    The end promises for something great to come i.e very much awaited since the first installment.

    Very Watchable. (3/5)

    1. Was hoping to see some honest reviews here like gauravs found yours must say it is Good and crisp review will catch the movie now

    2. Hey thanks. And I am a follower of Gaurav's reviews. Even if many times I disagree with him, I found him amazing at describing things.
      And yes, catch the movie. :-)

    3. thanks Divya & Mayank, your words keep me going. I m blessed to have such good honest people around. keep writing your feedback, I wait for that :)

    4. You're welcome. And likewise we are blessed to have a good cinematic person amongst us to advice us almost correctly about a movie to a good extent. Thank you.

    5. "", thanks for the best review

  2. HAMSHAKALS is better than transformer 4.

    1. lauda le le

    2. chutiya hi hoga koi jo transformer ko bekar bolega wo bhi hamshakals se....

    3. "", thanks for the best review

  3. Humshakals z better than transformers?saalaa hollywood movie kavi dekhaa hai bey tune?sajid khan ki bakwash movie ko u r comparing with michael bay's monstrous blockbusters...ha ha.kahaan kahaan se aa jaate ho bey?

  4. If You have have ever seen kids playing with lego blocks,how they assemble it ,that is better than these magnified version of lego games-Transformers & its sequels.

  5. my review of #TransformersAgeOfExtiction :
    Strictly Average! A tighter and smarter script could have done better! [2.5/5]

    Intrepid-enterprising-invincible hero, uncontrollable baddie, his almost never-ending line of goons, superficial writing with dialogues hardly having any weight to it, a paper thin plot, lots of heavy non-stop action and an exhaustingly killing length of almost 3 hours…isn't it what we all are watching every month or so gift-wrapped as a new bollywood release; either a south-remake or just a remake, how does it matter?? So, what precisely is the property besides being labeled as a ‘Hollywood’ film that makes any distinction in case of Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION? Well, it sure is the bigger canvas to showcase splendid execution of gasping action and the next level in thrilling visual graphics. Yet, the outcome is very much like those fun-rides in amusement parks that leave you all drained out.

    Despite being sociable to human race, Autobots are now declared fugitives and being hunted down by government agencies. The human loss in the Chicago invasion surely had its consequences. Meanwhile, a small time inventor-cum-single father of a teen Yeager [Mark Wahlberg] buys a junky truck as a piece of scrap that turns out to be none other than the most imperative transformer, loved as Optimus Prime. Now the battle is against the government backed Decepticon Lockdown and Galvatron- a re-embodiment of Megatron created by a hardcore businessman Joshua…and the world will witness another massive act of destruction of sky-high buildings getting all smashed, streets being blasted into dirt & dust, bullets roaming in the air like bees on the loose and men running for their lives. Wait; there is more in the box! The gigantic robotic dinosaurs enter to make it bigger than ever before. I wish the plot would have been heavier in substance than lengthier in implementation.

    TRANSFORMERS is a series loved for its well-designed action sequences and this latest in the line is no exception. Mostly difficult to sit through, partly impressive to approve! Like in a particular scene, the blasts happen in such rhythmic and photographic manner that it looks more like a bombing celebration. Though it’s momentary but it stays with you as a scenic beauty you have ever seen on screen. What one misses the most is an effective interlacing of emotional perspective. The bonding of a totally caring & concerned father with his teenage daughter and her boyfriend is so done in the past. Instead watch out for the Autobots rejoicing the return of their chief Optimus Prime. It’s more heartwarming reunion. Dialogues are very regular and of sub-standard. You rarely bother yourself to clap your hands or remember it after leaving the premise.

    Of the performances, Stanley Tucci as the businessman who desperately wants to make transformers of his own succeeds in generating some likability. Mark Wahlberg is seen doing this earlier before. The visual effects and the 3D elements are worth praising the efforts but for how long could you keep busy yourself doing that is completely upto your level of excitement, patience and fan-fare.

    At the end, the bigger is not always the better. TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION is strictly average action entertainer that will become a part of history sooner the next superhero movie enters with another advance level visual graphics. The worst thing about technology is that it never stays for long...emotions do. I wish it would have relied on that more! [2.5/5]

    1. I was sure about what you gonna write. Though I liked it more than you did. Worthy statement that emotions rules over technology. But for me, till the next advanced vfx installment comes out, this one is memorable coz it certainly had some spectacular action scenes.
      But as always, great review. Cheers :-)

  6. don't compare hollywood movies to bollywood its far advance

  7. 1. Story- 2.5
    2. Action-5
    3. Effects-5
    4. Enjoyment level-4
    5. Direction-4.5
    6. Overall-4.5


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