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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dhoom 3 Vs Krrish 3 Box Office Day Wise Collections

Dhoom 3 Vs Krrish 3  Box Office Day Wise Collections

Movie Summary
Krrish 3

Dhoom 3
 Budget +P&ARs 115 CroreRs 150 Crore
 Lifetime Worldwide CollectionsRs 300 Crore ( Hindi) Rs 502.67 Crore* (Hindi)
 Lifetime Producer figure India (All languages)244.92 Crore Rs 284.27 Crore *
 Lifetime Trade figure  India (All languages)192.63 Crore Rs 274.85 Crore*
  Lifetime Overseas$ 9 Mn $ 26.64  Mn*
Daywise Summary India (Producer Figure)Krrish 3 ( All languages)Dhoom 3 ( All Languages)
Day 1Rs  25.5 CroreRs 36.22 Crore
Day 2Rs  23 CroreRs 33.36 Crore
Day 3Rs  24.3 CroreRs 38.03 Crore
Day 4Rs  35.91 CroreRs 21.71 Crore
Day 5Rs  26.26 CroreRs 20.14 Crore
Day 6Rs  18.11 CroreRs 25.52 crore
Day 7Rs  13.44 CroreRs 14.01 Crore
Day 8Rs  9.16 CroreRs 10.1 Crore
Day 9Rs  14.23 CroreRs 12.04 Crore
Day 10Rs  16.35 CroreRs 16.71 Crore
Day 11Rs  5.47 CroreRs 6.83 Crore
Day 12Rs  5.04 CroreRs 7.26 Crore
Day 13Rs  4.46 CroreRs 10.78 Crore
Day 14Rs  4.77 CroreRs 4.61 Crore
Day 15Rs  2.44 CroreRs 3.14 Crore
Day 16Rs  3.02 CroreRs 4.02 Crore
Day 17Rs  3.76 CroreRs 5.75 Crore
Day 18 to End of RunRs  8.94 CroreRs 14.05 Crore
TotalRs 244.92 CroreRs 284.27 Crore
Daywise Summary India (Trade Figure)Krrish 3 ( Hindi)Dhoom 3 ( Hindi)
Day 1Rs  18.83 CroreRs 31.86 Crore
Day 2Rs  15.34 CroreRs 29.5 Crore
Day 3Rs  14.48 CroreRs 34.53 Crore
Day 4Rs  31.65 CroreRs 19.55 Crore
Day 5Rs  20.55 CroreRs 19.1 Crore
Day 6Rs  13.02 CroreRs 23.8 Crore
Day 7Rs  8.41 CroreRs 14 Crore
Day 8Rs  7.63 CroreRs 10.01 Crore
Day 9Rs  10.53 CroreRs 11.57 Crore
Day 10Rs  12.56 CroreRs 16.12 Crore
Day 11Rs  4.75 CroreRs 6 Crore
Day 12Rs  3.93 CroreRs 7 Crore
Day 13Rs  3.57 CroreRs 10.5 Crore
Day 14Rs  4.25 CroreRs 4.43 Crore
Day 15Rs  1.75 CroreRs 3.03 Crore
Day 16Rs  1.75 CroreRs 3.85 Crore
Day 17Rs  2.25 CroreRs 5.22 Crore
Day 18 to End of RunRs  7.11 CroreRs 13.21 Crore
TotalRs 181.11 CroreRs 262.35 Crore

Trade Figure: Means Collections found by summing up the box office collection figures provided by each cricuit distributors,exhibitors and  multiplex owners.

Producer Figure:  Official Figures given out by  producers of the movie is usually found to be higher than trade figure.

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  1. As with all box office data on our site the figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film.
Dhoom 3 Vs Krrish 3  Box Office Day Wise Collections
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  1. dear u r conflicting your own trade figures of D3 when compared to CE and K3:((

    1. D 3 trade figure on this page are for just hindi version while on CE pages it is for all languages

    2. Thanks! I did realize that:)

  2. thanks . ffor posting check www.etechexplorer.com

    1. An awesome website riya... see mine www.engineersfunda.com

  3. hello how is this possible ...how can you give 8th day buisness...today is 27.12.2013...correct it please.

  4. Dhoom...........Dhoom........Only Dhoom...........

  5. Competition mein koi movie agar release. Hoti toh tab compare karna Chennai express se....log kisi bhi dusri film release na hone ke karan sab dhoom 3 prefer kar rahe...nd first day ticket k rates bahut high the nd also he has released during holidays time....nd still no other movie have released yet.....agar isi time kisi dusre bade actor ki movie release hoti toh dhoom 3 was a shit

    1. This is a fact

    2. you bastards ..... why u r criticizing aamir khan ...... shahrukh have to learn a lot to became a great actor like aamir

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. i dont know who u r... but really SR gay fan. if ticket price was high then what about chennai express. whose ticket price is much higher than 3 idiots. we all know 3 idiots is the best movie of all time. and even CE had nothing in front 3 idiots. but a bull shit i must say. so CE rest in piece.

    5. khajur, Mr .Perfectionist aur ek gay compare math karo,, o lungi ki lifted,safai aur lungi jhad gayi,aur chadi phad gayi 4 years tak phir 3idiots ka record break kiya,, tho Dhoom3 ko kitna saal chahiyae atleast 5-6 years..lungi aur chadi sara khandan ki phad jayegi...

  6. these assholes gayfans cant not see the record has been broken so shouting now ki aisa hota waisa hota ,abe salo srgay chutiyan ni hai jo galat time pe movie release kare, usne to 2 ke sath ek ticket bhi free ki thi sales badane ke liye , but baap aakhir baap hota hai ,aamir ne aadhe time hi record tod diya ,ab salo ki jal rahi hai to yahan shouting kar rahe hai

  7. watch out for JAI HO

    1. i respect salman khan...but salman still have to break the record of 3 idiots...and after that the mighty DHOOM 3.

  8. no movie there in competition when CE released. only once upon in mumbai after seven days. so

  9. dhoom 3 break the chennai expres adn krrish 3 record and creating a new record in two weeks so dhoom machale.............

  10. P.K bhi dhoom machayegi happy N Y sharukh gayaga bad ending..,bad ending...

  11. Dhooma chaale dhoom . Aamir will break all records with his upcoming movie *PK*

  12. pk also expected a very good movie of Aamir Khan.We all waited to watch this

  13. Amir khan is the best

  14. I think Srk is crying for beating record by Amir khan. Amir khan is one of the greatest actor of world

  15. Srk & UTv soch raha hai Amir khan ko pakar na muskil hi nehi namunkin hai

  16. amir breaks krish3 and channai exp. amir khan all time excellent

  17. Amir is a great actor....so dhoom machale dhoom..

  18. DHOOM DHOOM.. 600 khokaa DHOOM DHOOM.. Dekhna Dekhna DHOOM DHOOM.. Mega Hit.. Giga Hit.. Terra Hit.. DHOOM DHOOM... DHOOOOMMM.....

  19. collection shows who aamir is

  20. Good actors shows how good their acting is in the movies but great actors acts according to the character that reacts in practical reality . So good and great actor is what seperates Srk and Salman from Aamir.

  21. dhoom 3 gave the huge response to every public whom they waited to watch the movie

  22. dhoom 3 gave the huge response to every public whom they waited to watch the movie

  23. Just came on this page by mistake but I can see you all are wasting your time for nothing.
    just think how many crore you got ��

  24. Now Salman's Kick can overtake this record.......


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