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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dhoom 3 Eight Days ( Second Friday) Worldwide Box Office Collection

Dhoom 3 Eight Days Box Office Collection

Dhoom 3 8 days until second Friday Collection
Producer  Figure:
India: Rs 199.08 Crore Nett 
Hindi Version: Rs 188.77 Crore Nett
Tamil+Telugu: Rs 10.31 Crore Nett
8th Day  Collection : Rs 10.1 Crore

Trade Figure:
India Total: Rs 191.73 Crore Nett 
Hindi Version: Rs 181.42 Crore Nett
Tamil+Telugu: Rs 10.31 Crore Nett
8th Day  Collection : Rs 10.31 Crore

Overseas:  17.02 Million Dollars or (Rs 105.28 Crore)  so far 

Dhoom 3 has completely rewritten all records and should become All time Number one grosser sometime in second week itself.

It has broken all records by Grossing more than 100 Crores in overseas in first week itself.

It has reached 5.755 Million in USA and Canada and should beat the 3 Idiots record of $6.532 Million in USA and Canada .

It is Chasing My Name is Khan in UK which is the highest grossing Bollywood Movie in UK
It is the highest grosser already in Australia and New Zealand

Dhoom 3 First Week Overseas  Box Office Collection Breakup: 
in Local Currency
in Rupees
AED 15.768 Million
Rs 26.57 Crore
USA & Canada
$ 5.755 Million
Rs 35.61 Crore
UK & Ireland
£ 1,551,348
Rs 15.83 Crore
PKR 12.36 Crore
Rs 7.25 Crore
A$ 1,269,297
Rs 7.02 Crore
New Zealand
NZ $367,775
Rs 1.86 Crore
Rest of the World
$ 1.796 Million
Rs 11.14 Crore
$ 17.02 Million
Rs 105.28 Crore

Producer Figure: Box Office Collection figures released by producers of the movie.
Trade Figure: Figures Released by distributors and exhibitors of the movie made from summing the individual reported collections from each territory.

Due to lack of tracking in single screens both the figure are close estimates by respective groups.
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Dhoom 3 Eight Days ( Second Friday) Worldwide Box Office Collection
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  1. Dhoom 3 will earn 100 crore sure more than now earned.

  2. Idea of this movie is taken from "Now You See Me". Overall this movie sucks, unbelievably nonsense and senseless storyline and action. In my opinion public went to see this movie because of Amir Khan. Now Amir Khan need to think very hard and carefully accepting any next role in other's movies. he may have damaged his reputation and credibility.
    Now You See Me is 1000 time better story and interesting.

    1. first of all the big suspence of d3 is inspired from the prestige , not now u see me secondly d3 and now u see me went into production at about same time and relation between them is coincidental as it came before d3 ... also clearly content wise d3 is better and please dont call now u see me a good film ita a below average film with zero narrative and character development lastly aamir has done justice to his characters and this will not damage his rep none what so ever , ok it wont boost it though pls dont be so mean towards our film industry and apprrciate the hard work , we also make good films , a film made in hollywood doesnt mean that it is better

    2. Have you seen "Now you see me"? I dont think so because you wouldn't have compared D3 with "Now You See Me". Amir Khan rocks!!!!! Dhoom 3 rocks!!!!!!!!!

    3. You all sucks though dhoom 3 inspired from prestige but movie was whole now for bollywood and aamir do the best acting ever overall film was nice and this no loss in reputation of aamir so keep quiet

    4. guys,pls stop comparing bollywood movies with hollywood ones...just go and watch the movie without any expectations,with a plain mind,only then will you enjoy it...everybody knows that hollywood movies are much more advanced than our bollywood...but still it is "our" movie and we have to be very happy that such kind of action films are being made by us instead of comparing and criticizing it...i am sure in the near future we will also catch up with english movies...as far as dhoom 3 is concerned,its a fantastic one...aamir khan rocks!!

  3. In your face hater who care if it is taken from any hollywood movie majority of indian movie are copied form hollywood or south movie but only 10% atually see this hollywood movie and 90% of the people are not aware. As far as Dhoom3 is for those 90% people. It is not that whatever hollywood movie are made. I am great hollywood movie buff I have not seeing prestige nor now you see me. But definitely have seeing Dhoom3 and it is one of the best action thriller of all time. So better stop criticizing and give credit with the fact that Indian cinema can also give us such a lovely action thriller. We are lot influenced by western culture. Whatever they do even average movei we say wow and when the same thing i done Marvelously by us we say it is copied. So not cool. For me Dhoom3 is a Visual treat and Aamir khan rocked in the Movie.

  4. i seen both prestige & now u see me & now i watched dhoom3 ....my opnion about D3 storyline is....45 % from " now u see me " & 25%(including the main thing suspence or climax ) from
    'prestige " movie 20 % bollywood style & remaing 10% in story is meaningless waste......& overall its a gud amir khan action movie........

  5. Super duper hit movie of 2013, Samir amir all the way.must watch

  6. Chennai Express is a good movie, Deepika's acting was really good, even Srk's acting was good however he did do a bit of over acting with all the ab tho mein bet hi jaonga things. Chennai express had a lot of colour which made it attractive,but the story was very common although bits of it was different it was still very common because the audience could guess what is going to happened next while watching the movie. Whereas D3 is a stunner it keeps the audience at the edge of their seat, making them think hard about what could happened next, but never being to sure of it. Aamir Khan makes the simplest stunts look amazing, which is why people call him Mr perfectionist and Katrina Kaif's moves are incredible, her moves and Aamir Khan's acting make this movie worth watching and that is the difference between a good movie and a great movie!

  7. Nice movie dhoom3 i love u amir aiiting and action.

  8. they all r d star ....u people need NOT to think abt STARS....apna dekho tum kitne accho ....ho...then u can tel abt others...PLZZ DNT COMPARE WITH OTHER MOVIE..AAMIR IS GENOUS......NO DOUBT ON DAT


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