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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Krrish 3 Eight Days Box Office Collections: Second Friday Was Super Strong

Krrish 3  Eight Days  Box Office Collections

Total Eight Days ( First Week+ Second Friday) Box Office Collections: 

Producer Figure:
Total Eight Days Collections In India:
Rs 165.86 Crore Nett   ( Hindi)
Rs 9.82 Crore ( Tamil + Telugu)
Total : 175.68 Crore

Trade Figure:
Total Eight Days Collections in India:
Rs 130.91 Crore Nett   ( Hindi)
Rs 7.5 Crore ( Tamil + Telugu)
Total : 138.41 Crore

Overseas Collections in First Week:
Total Collections: Rs 36 Crores (Gross)

Box Office Position after First Week:
It is well ahead of Chennai express as per producer figure and third as per trade figure. Second friday is when most movies drop but it was super strong and ahead of Chennai express according to both figures on second friday. It is also super strong today.

Daywise Summary India Producer Figure(All Languages)Trade Figure(Hindi)
Day 1Rs  25.5 CroreRs 18.83 Crore
Day 2Rs  23 CroreRs 15.64 Crore
Day 3Rs  24.3 CroreRs 14.78 Crore
Day 4Rs  35.91 CroreRs 31.75 Crore
Day 5Rs  26.26 CroreRs 20.75 Crore
Day 6Rs  18.11 CroreRs 13.02 Crore
Day 7Rs  13.44 CroreRs 8.51 Crore
Day 8Rs  9.16 CroreRs 7.63 Crore
TotalRs 175.68 CroreRs 130.91 Crore

Total: Rs 36 Crore

Krrish 3 Box Office Verdict ( Hit ya Flop)
Krrish will definitely be a super hit and may well become a blockbuster.

Krrish 3 Budget:
Cost + P&A: 115 Crores

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Krrish 3  Eight Days  Box Office Collections: Second Friday Was Super Strong
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  1. every movie haa it's merits and demerits.... bUT the concern with K3 is the difference in producers fig and trade figure ..... When K3 ends it's run it may show 50 cr difference......

    1. Ya......very true.i m also think abt that

  2. Saturdays collections administration


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