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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Krrish 3 Box Office Opening

Krrish 3 Box Office Opening

Krrish opened very strongly across multiplexes and single screens. However collections went down in evening shows across multiplexes with pre diwali effect also hitting the movie.

Krrish 3 First day collection as per trade is around Rs 18.83 Crore. Krrish 3 Second day collection approx Rs 17.26 Crore.
Total 2 Days Collection: Rs 36.09 Crore.

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Producers Figure for First day collection for Krrish 3 is expected to be in 21-22 crore range

Trade Expectations of Krrish 3 opening day collections was between
Rs 20 - 25 Crore but it may hit around 19 Crores mark only

For example opening in Kanpur is Rs  10.67 Lakhs compared to YJHD's Rs 15.51 lakhs .
 Being a Non Holiday its chance of beating Ek tha Tiger or Chennai Express opening is very slim.

Krrish franchise is targeted at attracting family audiences and kids which watch very few movies in halls and pulling them in will ensure big collections. Youth in India's B and C centers with low hollywood penetration also seem to be very interested in the movie.

Very Preliminary Krrish 3  First day First Show Collections ( All centers still to report)

Noida: Rs 16 Lakhs
Lucknow: Rs 1.74 Lakhs
Kota: Rs 2.56 Lakhs 
Kanpur: Rs 2.02 Lakhs
Udaipur: Rs 1.18 Lakhs
Sriganganagar: Rs 89,000
Bhilwara: Rs 39,340
Ajmer: Rs 1.22 Lakhs
Bikaner: Rs 95,460
 Krrish 3 Economics ( Hit Ya Flop)
 Movie has been made Rakesh Roshan  without any corporate backing by borrowing money from distributors. Cost of the movie is very high if the movie makes less than 100 crore than there would be losses involved. The satellite rights of the movie have been reportedly sold at Rs 38 crore.

The opening seems to be 80-85 % across mutiplexes and around 90-95% across single screens

Krrish 3 Screen count with Circuit wise opening

So Far for opening shows

Noida, Jaipur, Gujarat : 95-96% opening
East Punjab: 126 Screens with  90% opening
West Bengal:  247 screens
Delhi -UP:  300 screens
CP- Berar: 90% opening
Mumbai: 90% Opening

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Krrish 3 Box Office Opening
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  1. Bokwaas Movie Totally hollywood copy

    1. 100 times better than shit chennai express

    2. nazil if u r saying its bakwaas movie then i'm sure that our animation industry wont see a progress, it wont grow caz of u people who dont knw a shit abt animation. Its story might be useless but the animation and graphic is top class.

  2. good entertainer for festive season

  3. nice movie with hrithik on a roll . good for youth / parents as well as kids

  4. veri veri brilliant n mind blowing movie...hrithik,hats off to u my darling,love u

  5. I really dont understand why the hell do people start comparing Bollywood with Hollywood... The moment they see some traits of any Hollywood movie in Bollywood, the film turns out to be a copy... Cmon people... Be happy & appreciate the efforts of the director because of which Indian cinema too is entering the hi-tech & superhero zone with movies like this... It is indeed a sci-fi flick but with a 'SUPER'-desi tadka to it which makes it different from any Hollywood movie...
    Every movie is an inspiration from some other. But how the director includes his emotions& feelings to the movie is what is to be watched out for. This is a piece of art from RakeshJi with 100% efforts put in by all the actors & the crew from their heart and soul.
    So just sit back, relax & enjoy and please don’t crib. Afterall, we have grownup seeing Indian movies.
    Hrithik rocks as usual…. N Krrish 3 is here to stay… :)

  6. Bakwas movie with horrible songs

  7. Diwali kharab mat karo..
    Bakwas movie hai..
    Just got opening bcoz non other movie is released this week

  8. Awesome movie. HR rocks. Blockbuster. . Don't compare this to Hollywood movies..only losers compare. This is pakka bollywood style totally worth watching. Great effort by the krrish team.

  9. Its a great Movie ever...I like this, Love my dreamed actor Hrithik Roshan

  10. Hrithik rocks........awesome movie.......must watch

  11. better than bakwas and faltu chennai express

  12. Good Movie to see not a wastage of time and money like what happened to Chennai Express, the guys who was against the movie think in a way that Bollywood is making itself in such a way that it became a Competitor of Hollywood and very soon it will beat up the Hollywood movies too, Come on try to be happy with the Creative thinking and Initiative of our Indian Directors.............Hats Off Roshan Family........Keep it up

  13. Flop movie but I hope hrithik movie should make over 100 crore to cover the cost of the film

  14. For God's sake, Pls Hrithik roshan, stop acting....Your father makes awesome movies...always thinking ahead, way ahead of others...tghe twhole thing is being screwed up with your irritating actss on the the magnificent special effects, this movie is pretty intolerent to watch...Specially Hrithik's way-over-the-top Rohit Verma...completely unbearable to watch...
    Please do some justice to your father's super-human abilities as a director and a producer....

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