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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aamir Khan Movies List & Box Office Collection Records & Analysis ( Hit ya Flop 1988-2017)

Aamir Khan  Movies List &Box Office Collection Analysis (Hit Or Flop)

Here is the list of Aamir Khan Movies and Box Office collections  of all hindi movies in from 1989-2017 along with their box office verdicts whether Hit ,Blockbuster,Average ya Flop

Aamir Khan  Box office Performance Analysis 

Total Releases 40
SuperHit/Blockbusters 11
Hit/Semi-Hit 7
Average 8
Flop 14
(Hit+ Avg) Success Percentage 65%

Aamir Khan  Blockbuster/ Super Hit Movie List  ( Biggest Hits of Aamir's career)

Movie Name


Box Office Verdict 

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 1988Super Hit
Dil1990Super Hit
Raja Hindustani 1996All Time Blockbuster
Rang De Basanti 2006Super Hit
Fanaa 2006Super Hit
Taare Zameen Par 2007Super Hit
Ghajini 2008All Time Blockbuster
3 Idiots 2009All Time Blockbuster
Dhoom 3 2013All Time Blockbuster
PK 2014All Time Blockbuster
Dangal 2016All Time Blockbuster

Aamir Khan  Hit Movie List 

Movie Name


Box Office Verdict 

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke 1993Semi-Hit
Rangeela 1995Semi-Hit
Ishq 1997Semi-Hit
Lagaan 2001Hit
Dil Chahta Hai 2001Semi-Hit
Dhobi Ghat 2011Semi-Hit
Talaash 2012Hit

Aamir Khan Average Movies List 

Movie Name

Box Office Verdict 

Tum Mere Ho Below Average
Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin Average
Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander Above Average
Baazi Below Average
Ghulam Above Average
Sarfarosh Above Average
Mann  Below Average
Mangal Pandey Average

Aamir Khan  Flop Movies List 

Movie Name

Box Office Verdict 

Raakh Disaster
Love Love Love Flop
Awwal Number  Disaster
Deewana Mujhsa Nahin  Disaster
Jawaani Zindabaad Flop
Afsana Pyar Ka Disaster
Daulat Ki Jung Flop
Isa Ka Naam Zindagi Disaster
Parampara Flop
Andaz Apna Apna Flop
Aatank Hi Aatank Flop
Akele Hum Akele Tum Flop
Earth Disaster
Mela  Flop
  1. This list is complied from various sources and our research. 
  2. This list includes only India  box office data
  3. The figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s).

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Aamir Khan  Movies List & Box Office Collection Records & Analysis ( Hit ya Flop 1988-2017)
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  1. I think Rangeela was his best movie

    1. I completely agree. it was one of the best movie with wonderful climax

  2. Dil hai ke manta nahi was a semi hit,it was there in boi old data.So you should add it.

    1. looks like some idioy has created this page ANDAZ APNA APNA is a flop itseems

    2. Andaz apana apana is classic movie...but unfortunately like classic sahab biwi aur gulam it was flop...it is one of the great comedy movies..but sqrfarosh dil hai k manta nahi were hit ...lagan dil chahta hai were super hit so above list is not accurate...

  3. Replies
    1. madarchod spelinlikh

    2. QSQT released in 1988. Andaz apna apna & Akele hum akele tum flop means we Indian audience are blunt. shame on us. :(

    3. andaz apna apna n akele hum akele tim both was really very nice movies ....- dr.milind agrawal

  4. Replies
    1. 100% right
      andaz apna apna rocks

    2. andaz apna apna,mela akele hum akele tum,baazi,mann are very good...lagaan is all time super hit some one who didnt understand about aamirji and these films are given these datas... aamir rocks...
      really he is brilliant...

  5. god of bollywood and god of acting

  6. o bhai dhoom 3 2009 main ni 2013 main release hoi hai year to thk karo

    1. Bhai 2013 hi likha he...shayad teri aankh kharab ho chuki he...

  7. Creative person , Trend Setter, Total committment to the project, creator of 100, 200 and now possibly 300 crore clubs (India collection)

  8. Andaz Apna Apna was not a flop movie ... it should be come under semi hit or average ...

    1. It was a flop when it released. Only through home video is went to become a cult classic.

  9. Earth was a critically acllaimed and excellent movie sad to see it was a flop film raakh.earth.andaz apna apna.akele hum akele tum.they are very good films they deserved to be hit.

  10. Dhoom3 is not all time blockbuster it is just blockbuster by box office india

  11. Replies
    1. Andaz Apna Apna was flop at the time of it's release. But Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Ghulam and Sarfarosh were hit films.

  12. Bollymoviereview.com ,can you please justify on what basis or parameter you review the movie or its verdict..How come you have updated that ,"Andaz Apna Apna " was a flop movie?

    1. It may be a cult movie now but at the time it was released it failed to cover its costs that's why it was a flop

  13. The legend of bollywood cimema who does movies what he likes,not for financial reason.Therefore even the flop movies are also very conceptual and really good.Box office means nothing for the creativity of the person.

  14. his first movie was raakh though holi had some screen presence I think it was very bold step for someone just into the industry. it shows it wanted to learn tricks of his trade quick enough n master it. even today he tries to bring out his own version of the character and give life to it for dhoom 3 he had his version of sharabi (dev anand ) not many have noticed it.he actually bettered the reference.here many movies like ghulam,jjws are labeled above average don't know why they are afraid to call it a hit.they are cult films.i just love amir particularly the1990s amir but he is not perfectionist I think there is room for lot of improvement many will not agree but that's what I feel.

  15. Jo jeeta ohi sikandar was best movie

  16. Shaan
    Andaz apna apna was the best comedy film I ever scean I think is best acting come in ghulam.rangeela.sarfarosh.dch.rdb

  17. Oh my god akele hum akele tum awsm movie...indian public bull shit

  18. i think you are mistaken. Andaz apna apna is a Super hit movie.

  19. ghulam is best action flick

  20. the report is wrong and not accurate because Amir has 4o films includes 20 Hits, 12 Average and 8 flops

    many films mentioned there are not get the correct verdict for Example:

    Mann and Tom mere ho were flops not Average film

    Also Jo jeeta wohi Sikinder is Hit Not average

    Dil hai ke manta nahin is hit not average

    Gulam is hit Not average

    Akele hum Akele tum and Awwal Number and Rakh and Earth and isi ke namm zindagi and Afsana pyar ke all are average films not flops

  21. mela ishq pk rangeela all time hits movie

  22. This list is totally wrong. Mann is one of the great movie i ever watch

  23. amir is the god of acting
    akele hum akele tum, andaz apna apna, mann are his excellent movies.
    this report is not correct.
    salute to amir sir

  24. From which angle lagaan is just hit...it was nominated for Oscar. And dil chata hai is above average? Are u drunk?

  25. Aamir khan is the best no flop no hit he is superhit

  26. God if Bollywood Megstar Aamir sir it's a great Legend Masterpiece in the World

  27. How lagaan is only hit.it all time hit

  28. He is good actor and giving great movie p.k is good all the time.3 idiot and many others are good. Great actor he is...

  29. All time good actor...

  30. Update now Dangal is all time block buster and Lagaan also...

  31. I love aamir's work....
    this list doesn't matter & not even matter does his films doing good on BO...
    coz his films r realy good..
    Only few films of him r disastrous like daulat ki Jung mela & I don't like dhoom 3...
    Otherwise Aamir is Paris stone he made every movie gold in terms content , quality & everything..

  32. Ghulam, Sarfarosh and Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi were hits. Baazi was flop. Earth, Mangal Pandey, Dhobhi Ghat, Taare zameen Par and Talaash were not meant to be commercial movies.

  33. Mela sarferosh is tha best movis

  34. I think maan in
    1999 was his best movie ever in my opinion.

  35. I think all movies are good and her mind also tilent to make this type of film

  36. Salman and Amir Khan is best Hero's


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