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Monday, September 2, 2013

Madras Cafe Box Office Collections

Madras Cafe Box Office Collections

Madras Cafe

Total Collections Till 6 SEP: Rs 41.23 Crore.
Total Overseas Collections: Rs 4 Crore ( Movie didn't release in UK )
The movie did  well in premium multiplexes but failed completely on single screens. It is trending towards 45-46 Crores net  lifetime which will give it an average tag.

Movie Name

Box Office Collection

Cost + P&A

Hit Ya Flop

Madras cafe41.23 Crore35 CroreAverage

The Satellite rights of Madras Cafe will get around 10 Crore.

Madras cafe caters to a niche audience but compared to similar movie D Day its opening is better due to presence of John Abraham.

The premium multiplexes opened at around 40-50% while the general multiplex opening was 20-25%.
Single screens had poor collections. Movie has been released on around 1076 screens.

Word of Mouth is Great for Madras cafe.

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  1. the film had crashed on its opening day itself ..........the film's failure was hided from public...

  2. this is great film .. a real cinema :)

  3. awesome movie.....Hollywood level movie.

  4. good movie .not superb but realistic movie.

  5. Excellent movie,fast paced and believable action.

  6. lol ! who said it was hollywood level ? Are your parents born stupid too ???

  7. lol ! who said it was hollywood level ? Are your parents born stupid too ???

  8. really a nice movie....atlest one movie is differnt from other loveriya movie, four(****) star from my site. :) (Y)

  9. This movie is absolutely amazing..awesome stuff by john & others..a movie for classes not masses..:)

  10. one of the greatest movies Indian cinema ever produced !!!!! ....much better than illogical present day rubbish,time wasting movies .... a must watch

  11. a very nice movie... of course better than krrish etc. Although the bollywood industry is not for real fictions, it's all about entertainment.

    Story, Cast & Acting - 4*
    Entertainment - 2.5*
    Audience - Cater to small community of people and hence, rating such as audience support will receive 1.9*

  12. Superb movie hatts off to john

  13. Really nice movie show the defection in delegation of legislation and how lazy authorities are always seeking solid evidence
    todays audience just like fully faltu movies far away from reality nd nonsense comedy illogical story.

  14. very good movie, Everybody must watch it. story has been wonderfully directed, overall a documentary on Rajiv Ghandi's assassination.


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