Top 10 Bollywood Actresses 2019 by Salaries

Top 10 Bollywood Actresses 2019 by Pay

Here is the list of Top 10 Bollywood Actresses 2019 by how much they are Paid for acting in a Hindi movie in India. Also mentioned is the amount they are paid for endorsing brands. Here is the complete list of top 10 highest paid bollywood  actress.


Acting Fee per film

Endorsement Fee per Day

Deepika Padukone11 Crore1-2 Crore
Kangana Ranaut4-5 Crore0.65-0.75 Crore
Priyanka Chopra4-5 Crore0.65-0.75 Crore
Katrina Kaif3-4 Crore1-1.25 Crore
Anushka Sharma3 -4 Crore1-1.25 Crore
Kareena Kapoor 1-2  Crore1-1.25 Crore
Vidya Balan1-2 Crore0.25-0.5 Crore


  1. This list is complied from various sources. 
  2. Rates/fees are never fixed. Adjustments/concessions are almost always made.
  3. Deepika Padukone’s brand value has gone up after yjhd but will be reflected in her next deal.
  4. The figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the current salary.

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