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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man Of Steel Review

Man Of Steel  Rating: 3/5

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Man Of Steel Movie Review

Ratings:3/5  Review By:  Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN (IBNLive)
Man of Steel leans more towards Nolan’s angsty Dark Knight movies than Marvel’s playful Avengers. Yet it doesn’t have the great ideas of that Batman trilogy. What it does have – despite all its shortcomings – is genuine awe and wonder in the bits where Superman takes flight. For those portions, for the charming new leading man, and some solid special effects, it’s worth a watch.I’m going with three out of five for Man of Steel. A little fun, a little lightness couldn’t have hurt.
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Ratings:4/5  Review By:  Gavin Rasquinha Site:Times Of India
Superman has always been the quintessential clean-cut superhero, the sincere saviour of the day. While that essence remains, he now gets a decidedly darker, introspective and brutal edge under the Nolan-Snyder aegis. While the dialogues might be devoid of the cheeky one-liners that pepper other superhero films we've seen of late, it blindsides everything with sheer enormity of scale.This is a Superman film for today's audience. A hugely impressive and entertaining story of arguably the most powerful character in the superhero pantheon (and also one of the biggest pop culture icons), it's clear that the Man of Steel is here to stay. Note: You may not like this movie if superhero films aren't what you go for.
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Ratings:4/5  Review By:  Anupama Chopra Site:Star World ( Hindustan Times)
Man of Steel starts out strong but loses some of that power along the way. The action sequences are spectacular – especially in 3D – but it’s just too much of a good thing. The destruction of people, buildings, cities went on and on until my eyes glazed over and frankly, I couldn’t figure out who was beating up whom. There was also some tech babble about a space bending phantom drive that I didn’t fully get.Despite that, Man of Steel is a roller-coaster ride worth taking. I’m going with four stars. This superhero is all about hope, decency and doing the right thing. I’m hoping he also develops a sense of humor in the sequels that are sure to follow.
Ratings:2.5/5  Review By:  Raja Sen Site:Rediff
Man Of Steel does have beautiful moments. Some are, as mentioned, conjured up by very fine actors, while others are visually pretty -- even if somewhat Terence Malick inspired. And, in terms of storytelling, while a lot of it might not truly make sense at all, it all happens commendably fast: the movie dishes out huge narrative chunks as if in a rush, hurtling past the Superman timeline in order to get to an endlessly long and considerably boring 45-minute fight.But Man Of Steel (which invariably sounds, to me, like a rejected title for a gay-themed Remington Steele episode) never quite musters up the charm or the levity any story of Superman requires -- and deserves.
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Ratings:3/5  Review By:  Tushar Joshi Site:DNA
There is something different about Zack Snyder's Superman that will make you embrace or dislike your favourite superhero from the very first time we see him in his full glory. We aren't talking about the missing curl on the forehead, or the lack of his signature red underwear, or how scaly his suit looks. We are talking about the way Superman thinks and behaves in Man of Steel. Of course fan boys and those who follow Clark Kent's adventures beyond the studio franchises will have their own reasons to rejoice or sulk once they watch Snyder's interpretation.Watch it closely and you would be in for a few treats if you know the supporting characters well. MOS won't dissapoint, it gives you the right bang for you buck, but we wish this Superman soared a bit higher.
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Ratings:3/5  Review By:  Pratyush Cavutur Site:Bookmyshow
Though there were quite a few misfires, the reboot, overall, is pretty good. Like mentioned earlier, the build up was superb the way the movie maintained its pace was perfect. The one great thing about the reboot is that the next film may be even better than this one. This reboot has laid the perfect foundation for the Superman franchise to carry on further. On the whole, this film is good to watch. Classic Superman fans (read: Comics & Richard Donner’s Superman) may be a tad-bit disappointed. Fortunately, it won’t stab people’s childhood in the heart as a lot of the scenes and situations are very similar to the comic books. Verdict: A good reboot. Could’ve been better. Has intensity but lacks depth and humor.
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Ratings:3/5  Review By:  Khalid Mohammed Site:Deccan Chronicle
Okay, so no point perhaps in comparisons and contrasts. 'Man of Steel' has been resurrected. And to be absolutely candid, it’s an uneven ride, like a long-haul airplane flight. Despite such disappointments for a Supermaniac, the mid-section is still certainly the most engrossing, augmented with a solid story-telling style, where the situations and events evolve without any obfuscation. Alas, the film’s last portion is like being relegated to cattle class, crowded and chaotic. It’s non-stop action and death-defying showdowns (never mind the super-powers). In fact, the protracted finale is quite similar to any of the FX visually startling extravaganzas. I’m more than glad that I was back in Superman country. Not bad at all.
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Ratings:1.5/5  Review By:  Shalini Langer Site:Indian Express 
What is the most disconcerting part about Man of Steel though is its uneven pacing, unsure of whether it wants to be a blockbuster or a film about a man finding himself, or a boy growing up with scary powers, or a man finding his feet. It achieves none of the above credibly, being too loud (in all senses of the word) when it comes to the bang and too obvious when it comes to the pangs, and being always very, very solemn, trying very, very hard.
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Ratings:3/5  Review By:  Associated Press Site:Indian Express/NDTV
Snyder's joyless film, laden as if composed of the stuff of its hero's metallic nickname, has nothing soaring about it. Flying men in capes is grave business in Snyder's solemn Superman. Man of Steel, an origin tale of the DC Comics hero, goes more than two hours before the slightest joke or smirk.Eager fans will likely thrall to the film's many overlong action set pieces, as Superman battles with Zod and his minions. There's little creativity to the fight sequences, though, which plow across countless building facades. While Snyder has succeeded in turning out a Superman that isn't silly (not a small feat) and will likely lay enough of a bedrock for further sequels, it's a missed opportunity — particularly with a bright cast of Shannon, Adams and Lane — for a more fun-loving spirit.
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  1. Dear Indian Express,
    dont make too hurry in giving review.
    its a movie by The Nolan sir. u have to watch twice. i bat it can not b 2star movie.
    so Re-view your review.

    1. bro but it is not directed by nolan

    2. 3 star diye hai indian express ne

    3. but it is directed by Snyder...;)

    4. This movie is not Directed by Chris Nolan, he is producer.

    5. Director of the movie is Zack Snyder...
      And its a ***** Movie


  3. The movie lacks nolan touch
    its jst another summer blockbuster
    chutiya bana rahen hain nolan ka naam lekar

  4. Superman is not human. Superman is rather an alien […who looks very much human]. Superman has a difficult childhood and a haunting past to deal with. But superman is superman. Do any of these sentences create some kind of excitement to you? Do you feel any tingle in your bones while reading this out? Same goes with the latest Chris Nolan-Zack Snyder’s collaborative effort ‘MAN OF STEEL’. It only is a resurrection of what we all have seen in past but that doesn't keep you away from expecting freshness in the approach and some astuteness while penning it down again, and that’s where it falls badly to deliver.

    Film takes its own time to establish the tug of war between the parents to our superman and the big baddie, far away from our galaxy in another planet called Krypton and way back when superman was merely a child with possibilities and hope to many. Parents get killed but not before transporting the child to a much safer and convenient planet earth. The ‘naturally born in centuries’ child is now in hands of much sorted foster parents and just in time, 20 years later when the child manages to learn how to cover up his scary powers; the big baddie comes back with deadlier plans for both the planets. Will our man with possibilities do the needful? Why not, he’s superman after all.

    In trying to balance the emotional quotient and the thrilling action, the film falls measurably on both fronts. The pace is sometimes dead to feel any high. Intelligence in the writing is a complete miss, and what could really be the surprising element, even action is lethargically repetitive, overtly stretched and too loud to enjoy. If I really had to pick high-points in those 2 hours 23 min long duration, it would be one where Clark interacts with his foster mother, second when he first discovers his super-powers and goes for a test in details and rest being some romantic frames with Amy Adams and a couple of fights in the finale.

    At last, it only looks a show reel [or rather a show-off] to experiment how much we can create on those heavily potent VFX machines. Too much of graphic content, long excessive action sequences, lack of freshness and loose editing kills the purpose to rekindle the joy of watching superman acting super human. Had it not been the love for him, I would have gone for short & quick naps in between. [2.5/5]

    1. thumbs up to you man. I also dont understand why other people are liking it. It has almost no humor, pacing is very slow, highly dependent on vfx. There has to be some purpose for big battles so that audience will care about it and yes, highly disengaging. You notified high points which were only good but not enough to make it good movie. I will also rate it 2.5/5

  5. u r always bang on with your reviews

  6. Kya gaurav ji aap ka koi facebuk acount hai?
    hai tho jara threewoodsreviews page dekhna
    woh page ka malik mai hi hun aur main har movie ka review kartha hun
    2 yrs pura hua..
    Keep it up ji..apka bhi reviews mere jaisa hi hain..

  7. Farhan here...
    thanks for liking my movie

  8. What an awesome movie....despite its slow pace ie.long ruin time for the story it has to tell its entertaining and i would say a definite blockbuster since avengers(dint like iron man 3 much).The special effect are some the best I have ever seen, even though the last hardcore vfx fight is very long but you get a feel for Kal-El(Superman-"Henry Cavill has done marvelous job")unlike those robot-fights transformers movies.His relationships with father and mother on earth who brought him up is very beautiful and so is the potrayal of his honesty.Even though it doesnt have the touch of Nolan's direction but still it was something like batman begins (which also was not much critically accepted) get to know superman and become his fan :) I am eagerly waiting for the sequels and would suggest surely WATCH THIS ONE IN GLORIOUS 3D
    I bet you wont be disappointed
    I really dint feel like the critics at all.I would give 4/5

    1. This movie has basically no 3D. 3D was just for one and one thing, for money where they can charge extra and earn more money.

  9. Hey guys, really these critics movie reviews match with your taste??? I found a website where we share movie review with friends using Facebook. I liked lets see how it goes...

  10. This not like golden touch of Christopher Nolan Sir-the genius( prof. of flim ). he is only the producer .he might be read that script of Zack Snyder and yes to him .But snyder is a good director in recent years . nolan sir give all his duty on snyder's shoulder.its a well thought but not like other movies of snyder . Actualy nolan sir made his movies with a vision of true-story teller .his past movies are remarkable ,like hydrabaadi biryani,what a taste and what a smell . similarly Nolan Sir's have certain smell of his movies . all the movies made by him , have creatively narrated ,technically tough ,good background score sound and mind hunting drama. but this movie is not made on well sound story. the previous part is also too boring . i am not self-satisfied with superman's role and its approch towards the movie .this type of movie not only demand the vfx but also demand of good and splendid story.


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