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Monday, January 21, 2013

Inkaar Review

Inkaar Rating: 2.5/5

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Inkaar Movie Review

Ratings:2/5  Inkaar Review By: Rajeev Masand  Site: CNN IBN
The trouble with Inkaar is that even if it does have a bunch of interesting ideas, they’re lost in a muddled drama. There are some bizarre scene. The film suffers from pretentious touches too, like a clumsy portion with Rahul’s father who, let’s just say, has an unconventional approach to parenting. I’m going with two out of five for Sudhir Mishra’s Inkaar. This is a half watchable film despite all that melodrama flying around. Sadly, if it had kept its head, this thriller could have gone places.
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Ratings:3/5  Inkaar Review By: Taran Adarsh  Site: BollywoodHungama
INKAAR is a tough film to make and one must compliment Sudhir Mishra for sticking his neck out. Let me add, INKAAR is not just about s**. It's about greed, ambition and power play. Generally, in a majority of Hindi films, it's the man who seeks s**ual favors, while the woman is projected as someone who's meek. But the woman here is shrewd and spiteful. When the two s**es collide, what the spectator gets to see is not just the issue that the film raises, but also the games the ambitious play to reach the top spot. On the whole, INKAAR is for spectators of serious cinema. Caters to a niche audience!
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Ratings:2.5/5  Review By: Anupama Chopra  Site: Star World (Hindustan Times)
And yet, Inkaar remains half-baked. . It doesn’t help that the other characters are so limp – the firm’s foreign partner looks like Bob Christo’s long-lost brother. There are too many cheesy parties where everyone gets drunk and the climax is a staggeringly disappointing cop-out. It undermines everything that has gone before. What you wonder, was this whole war about? Arjun and Chitrangda work hard to give Inkaar heft. Both struggle to bring conviction to their characters. But that isn’t enough to jump-start Inkaar. I’m going with two and a half stars.
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Ratings:3/5  Review By: Srijana Mitra Das  Site: Times Of India (TOI)

You know those cakes that look gorgeous in pictures but collapse when they bake? Inkaar is like that. Polished-looking, its edges - the tension of feeling harassed at work, office politics, ego flashes - hold rather well. But its centre collapses in a soft mess. Here's where Inkaar should've begun rising - as Maya climbs the ladder, Rahul feels things shake and starts acting odious, passing wise-cracks or vibrating heat. Maya slaps a s**ual harassment case onto him, to adjudge which social worker Mrs. Kamdar (Naval) arrives. But instead of becoming tauter, the film starts to unspool. Rather than let characters grow or scenes fully unfold, the camera careens around, frequently distracting.
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Ratings:3/5  Review By: Saibal Chaterjee  Site: NDTV
Inkaar does not dabble either in ‘yes’ and ‘no’, or in black and white. ‘May be’ and ‘perhaps’, in other words a whole lot of grays, underline the conclusions that it seeks to draw from what is obviously a complex thematic proposition. Much of the film’s strength, for whatever it is worth, stems from its unbending and ambitious career woman-protagonist who stands up to the tyranny of Alpha males in a high-profile corporate set-up where the glass ceiling is an everyday, if only subliminal, reality. It is in the motivational detailing of this character that Inkaar goes off-track. So, should you say no to Inkaar? The answer is neither yes nor no. May be would probably be more in order.
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Ratings:2/5  Review By: Sukanya Verma  Site: Rediff
Instead of expounding on the opaqueness of this matter with sensitivity and substance, Inkaar trivialises something so serious and rampant as s**ual harassment into a terrible joke. I wouldn't have so many issues with Sudhir Mishra's new film if it wasn't so irresponsibly promoting Inkaar as something it's not.Even so, Inkaar, with a running time that's little above two hours, starts out with promise and engages considerably until the plot hits a massive writer's block and transforms into an exasperating Alice who's lost her way and been kicked out of Wonderland. The upshot is a climax so moronic, it's easily one of the worst I've seen in recent times.
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Ratings:2/5  Review By: Shubhra Gupta  Site:Indian Express
I started by applauding ‘Inkaar’, because it is so rare to see men and women, adult men and women in Hindi cinema. But then the director flubs it : he turns Maya into a clinging, hysterical female, which speaks to another kind of stereotype of the ‘ambitious, wanting-to-climb-at-any-cost’ woman, and he makes Rahul an improbable paragon, who does what he does because he has a ‘valid’ reason.‘Inkaar could have been truly radical. But it becomes a film that prefers to cop out, rather than deliver on the promise it held out so bravely in its initial passages.
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Ratings:2/5  Review By: Aniruddha Guha  Site: DNA
The film starts out with promise, but a jarringly loud background score, hammy actors and a cliched ending ruin whatever chance Inkaar had at being considered watchable. There are rare moments in Inkaar that click, like Mishra cheekily referencing his own film, when at an ad film presentation for a condom brand, Verma comes up with the tagline, Iss Raat Ki Subah Nahi. The film, though, comes nowhere close to that, or any other, Mishra film. If you're wise, you'll refuse the offer to watch Inkaar at the multiplex near you.
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Ratings:3.5/5  Review By: Ananya Bhattacharya  Site: Zee News
The film doesn’t answer any hard questions. It craftily builds a narrative, travelling back and forth in time, picking out instances from the protagonists’ life – lives that any 21st century office-going individual can relate to – and leaves a gaping lack of denouement. But that’s Sudhir Mishra for us.The story is brilliantly supported by Arjun Rampal and Chitrangada Singh, and both the actors shine steadily through with their performances. In a nutshell, ‘Inkaar’ is another of Sudhir Mishra’s brilliances captured on celluloid. Don’t say a ‘no’ to this one.
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Ratings:2/5  Review By: Rubina A Khan  Site: First Post
Unfortunately though, the s**ual drama is bereft of the ferocity of the crimes of passion that escalate to the point of a s**ual harassment suit, and, apart from being near-perfect, beautiful human beings there is no palpable heat between the aggrieved parties. You have to wait right till the end of the film to fathom any kind of a love affair between these two and even then, you are puzzled with the revelation The film ends on a strange note, not typical in the least, but bizarre would be the apt way to describe it.
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  1. Sudhir Mishra is gd director ....Bt can't take risk until the reviews comes out of Anupama chopra n Rajeev mansaad..........

  2. Sudhir Mishra is gd director ....Bt can't take risk until the reviews comes out of Anupama chopra n Rajeev mansaad..........A

  3. Sudhir Mishra is gd director ....Bt can't take risk until the reviews comes out of Anupama chopra n Rajeev mansaad..........A

  4. Sudhir Mishra is gd director ....Bt can't take risk until the reviews comes out of Anupama chopra n Rajeev mansaad..........A

  5. Sudhir Mishra is gd director ....Bt can't take risk until the reviews comes out of Anupama chopra n Rajeev mansaad..........A

  6. subject of movie is vry good and expectations are high from sudhir still waiting from true reviews like from NDTV & HT.

  7. worst movies of 2012:
    2)rowdy rathor
    3)son of sardaar

    1. agreed.... cocktail and barfi too

  8. good movies of 2012:
    1)oh my god
    2)ek tha tiger
    4)bol bachan

    1. Lol dude seems like you don't have any taste

    2. Really .. Ek tha Tiger, housefull2 and cocktail?? rest two are fine

    3. you dont have a good taste dude...your choices are pathetic...the correct order is
      1.pan singh tomar
      3.gangs of wasseypur
      5.english vinglish

    4. even jannat 2 was a good movie too

  9. outstanding movies of 2012:
    1)paan singh tomar
    4)jab tak hai jaan

  10. gatiya album of 2012:

    5)bol bachan

    1. chutiya ki category dekh lo chutiye ki ghatiya album

  11. The corporate culture of today’s times has significantly changed the livings and likings of the present generation a lot. The footsteps of professional life can easily be sensed into our bedrooms. Priorities are being distorted drastically, thanks to the sugar-coated emotions like greed to get beyond your limits, power to position himself/herself on the top and temptation to taste success by all means…and in all that ‘relentless race to the finish’ what suffers the most is relationships and the ‘fragile to death’ sentiment called love!

    Sudhir Mishra’s latest INKAAR is a fine but very deceptive drama. Unlike what the promotions communicate, it is more or less a love-story between a gigantic advertising mentor […played effortlessly by Arjun Rampal] and his aspiring novice […impressively played by Chitrangda Singh]. In an interesting scenario, the viewers get pushed into the pool of ‘sexual harassment’ allegations of the later on the former, only to experience swings on their conscience trying unsuccessfully to stay on one single side. You hear one’s point, you start leaning to that; you confront other’s explanations, you tend to question your earlier belief. Meanwhile we also have perspectives of outsiders [Vipin Sharma as ruthlessly badmouthed Guptaji, social activist-cum-jury head Deepti Naval and aashish Kapoor as praful- the unsympathetic colleague] who represent our plasticy society.

    As a film on the whole, INKAAR talks boldly-fearlessly & confidently about sexual harassment on workplaces but only in bits & pieces and sadly without trying to take any leap on that. It looks as gimmicky as products in the world of advertising. So, don’t expect it to be a thriller as promotions advertise. It may not excite you much despite dealing with a subject taboo & titillating to some…at the heart it is a good love-story beautifully shot and subtly performed with a freshly new ambiance of corporate offices in the backdrop […advertising to be specific]…and definitely A SMOOTH WATCH. [3/5]

  12. Its a Different Movie....a good social Topic...and definetely a Must watch

  13. Believe Me..!! If u r looking for GOOD movie...then this one is a MASTERPIECE....u never gonna regret...!!
    Sudhir Mishra has done a Fab job....Just Go, Don't missit.


  14. Sudhir Mishra, known for his non-formulaic movie making presents one more different movie which has a quite contemporary topic in today's India. The charm of 2 of the hottest Bollywood actors fighting over sexual harassment at workplace outlines the theme of the movie. The film oozes of the glamour of advertising industry, the fire to
    excel, greed to achieve, clashes of egos and anger for revenge. Plus, feel yourself lost in the songs which are brilliantly penned and sung with quite a panache.

    The tussle between Rahul(suave outside and stern inside) vs.Maya (gorgeous and confident outside and lonely and insecure) makes for an interesting on screen drama. the last half hour truly makes up for some of the loose ends in the first half. A movie you can easily connect to as it touches the life of today's corporate employee somewhere.

    Watch 'In-Car' in-theaters. Don't miss this intense drama!!!

  15. Yes, its dramatic and shows issues of ad agency or advt career of girls with bosses, sexual harassment case for power or revenge ...all said post interval it gets diluted as audience who are working well in corporates take their guesses at last arjun and chitra are in love and they patch up again and the end...that's it 2 hrs over,...ghar chalo...paisa hazam..sunday and my friends we give 2 for concept and 0.5 for low budget shooting in mumbai and pattaya and some conference big deal...could have been better infact NDTV presents similar cases well in their 24*7 channel better so.....2.5/5...NO BIG DEAL IF YOU MISS IT...its very predictable...

  16. abe gand ke andhon, filim kaisa hai u batao naa, shahrukh salman log ko leke apas me lad rahe ho,e hero log paisa kama rha hai, aur tum log hero log ka side leke lad rahe ho, stardom jhant barabar cheez hai, gand maraye film star, film should be classy with updated techonoly advanced cinematography, script & most importantly acting, e chutiya log jhant barabar camera use karta hai, aur salman fil me hagega, padega, mootega,public pura khush, shahrukh chutiya hai rang de basanti, 3 idiots, robot, dhoom 3, robot jaisa fil chorke ra 1, jab tak hai jaaan kiya, aamir sahi jaa rha hai, akshay bhi ghatiya film sign kar rha hai, imran ko acting nahi ata, hrithik baap ke dam pe hai, saif better kar rha, john is improving, arjun is doing well, ek baar dekh sakte ho tv me


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