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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chakravyuh Review

Chakravyuh Rating: 2.83/5

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Chakravyuh Movie Review

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Ratings:3.5/5  Chakravyuh Review by Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama
CHAKRAVYUH isn't a dry film or a docu-styled feature on how and why the Naxalite movement has spread in various parts of the country. Jha knows, and knows well by now, that a message rings loud and clear if it's conveyed with a riveting plot and interesting characters that the common man expects from popular/mainstream cinema. CHAKRAVYUH is about Naxalites, but at the centre of the conflict is the story of two friends and how the issue [Naxalite] drives a wedge between two thick friends. CHAKRAVYUH is for the thinking man in the audience. It's serious in temperament, remains loyal and faithful to the issue it sets to illustrate on screen and puts forth the point of view of the Naxals and the government, both in the public domain. Also, it's violent and intense, with several ferocious moments. On the whole, CHAKRAVYUH is an engaging drama. It chronicles a burning issue, but is entertaining concurrently, something that Prakash Jha balances beautifully in film after film. Watch it!
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Ratings:3.5/5  Review by Meena Iyer Site:Times Of India
Chakravyuh is a hard film to make and marks must be given to Jha for sticking his neck out. Staying true to the subject, he gives us an insight into uncomfortable truths unfolding in our backyard. He is one of the few filmmakers with such audacious work to his credit. Jha must also be complimented for the scale and performances he has extracted from his lead cast. The men - Manoj, Arjun and Abhay - are compelling; of the girls, Esha starts on a shrill note but improves later. Newbie Anjali Patil shines. Tip-off: You may not like this movie if socio-political entertainers are not your cup of tea.
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Ratings:2.5/5  Review by Sukanya Verma Site:Rediff
A dramatised account of real events is effective so long it is both expressive and informative in a sensible measure. But Prakash Jha's Chakravyuh, which builds its nucleus around the Naxalite activities in East of India , employs familiar ploys and plot points to credibly work as either. In the end, Chakravyuh is nothing more than an average action flick in the garb of relevant cinema where socio-politico turmoil is nothing more than a prop and gun-toting militants in uniforms and bandanas hollering 'Lal Salaam' fill up the frames
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Ratings:2.5/5  Review by Suprateek Chatterjee Site:Hindustan Times
There are films that try to tell emotionally complex stories and succeed in making an impact. Chakravyuh, unfortunately, is not one of those films.To be fair, Chakravyuh does get a few things right. The violence, though a tad excessive, is well orchestrated. Certain set-pieces, especially one that shows an entire village being razed, are executed well.Alas, all of this is undone by the film's frenetic pacing, raucous background score and puerile writing. Chakravyuh is, ultimately, a victim of typical Bollywood excesses. A little more subtlety, a little less jingoism, and it might have worked better.
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Ratings:2.5/5  Review by Rumanna Ahmed Site:Yahoo
Prakash Jha picks a sensitive subject of social relevance but in his attempt to pander to popular cinema, he incorporates too many Bollywoodisms that prevent 'Charavyuh' from becoming an intense political drama. Jha spends too much time trying to make the film entertaining rather than focus on the nuances that make a coherent plot.The narrative is peppered with an unclear romantic track and has an item song thrown in just for the heck of it. Prakash Jha should understand that a bold topic is not enough, unless the execution matches the noble intentions of the plot.
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Ratings:----  Review by Komal Nahta Site:ETC
Prakash Jha’s direction is good but his over-emphasis on realism makes the narrative style very dry and boring. On the whole, Chakravyuh is a dull, dry and drab drama which lacks in entertainment. It may be liked by lovers of realistic cinema but that simply won’t be enough for the film to score at the box-office. Losing.
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Ratings:3/5  Review by Mayank Shekhar Site:Dainik Bhaskar
This intellectual honesty is the film’s finest achievement. For most parts, the director ensures the audiences engage with a masala, action thriller – packed with the sound and fury of guns and bombs. This doesn’t force him to dumb down thought as well. The film – informative and entertaining at the same time – ends up reflecting the world we live in. These are the sort of Bollywood films that continue to document our times, and therefore survive much beyond their opening weekend
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Ratings:2/5  Review by Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express
It is the latest in Prakash Jha’s line of films which puts the spotlight on a burningly important issue, but which comes off less than trenchant because of mainstream considerations. How else can you do naxalism and 'mao-wadi-ism’ and idealism and pragmatism, and still expect to entice multiplex viewers? Because finally, that’s what all the good intentions and all those `isms’ come down to : packaged in a trying-to-be-palatable-to-all plot, which works intermittently in the first half, and not too well in the stretched second.
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Ratings:2/5  Review by Roshni Devi Site:Koimoi
What’s Good: Abhay Deol and Anjali Patil’s performances. What’s Bad: Arjun & Esha’s acting; the screenplay. Loo break: Any time in the first half.Watch or Not?: Watch Chakravyuh for a semi-decent take on the plague of Naxalism. The story also takes a lot of time to pick up. The story only picks up after the interval when Kabir and Adil’s conversation changes to “teri” and “hamari”, but by that time you’ve already lost your patience. Chakravyuh tries to grapple with too many nexuses in the movie, but gets bogged down with the script and mediocre performances.
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Ratings:4/5  Review by Bikas Bhagat Site:Zee News
Enter Prakash Jha with his thought provoking ‘Chakravyuh’ - and it can be decisively said that there cannot be a more balanced approach to create an illustration around something as complex a subject as Naxalism. The topic is such that if not handled craftily, it would fail to make a mark. There are as many supporters for the issue as are counters.Here’s a fight which we have heard about and seen through the ages – the fight between the Capitalists and the Communists. Prakash Jha presents it in his own way; and going by illustrious line of work, it would be a big mistake on your part if you happen to give ‘Chakravyuh’ a miss.
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  1. lets wait and watch?

  2. i am going to watch english vinglish today...

  3. Prakash jha is one such filmmaker whose strength has always been the content, no matter if the film does well at capturing the attention of the mass or it appeals merely to some critics. But in recent past, the filmmaker in question has managed to blend the soul of serious cinema with the body of mass-entertainment.

    CHAKRAVYUH is the next in the list. It talks […in quality and quantity both] and raises the issue of Naxalite movement, dwelling today in most of the Indian states in order to stand up and act against so-called discriminatory policies and workings of the Government. Meanwhile, at the stake is the friendship between two ideologies poles apart [played by the robotic Arjun Rampal & the super-proficient Abhay Deol].

    It has every possible ingredient that is required to be on plate for making a popular dish out it like, the most promising and dependable star-cast, writing [my favorite Anjum Rajabali was there on board] that works more on punches & clap worthy dialogues but then somewhere on the line, as a whole it doesn’t create much impact on viewers as earlier in APAHARAN, GANGAJAL & RAJNEETI we all have felt. Reasons are simple. This time, loud performances [girl brigade is more responsible to blame] don’t hold you to the subject but makes you uncomfortable to sit through. Content is undeniably genuine and authentic but then probably it’s too dry to moist your eyes. Length of the film is also a big letdown; and there is no single sequence that you cannot predict beforehand.

    I fear if Prakash Jha is also being infected with ‘madhur bhandarkar’ syndrome. Formulas are for classrooms, I guess…don’t dare apply it on today’s bollywood. Watch it if you have nothing to do but to help your kid under 10 write a junior class essay on ‘naxal’ movement. [2.5/5]

    1. Thanks Gaurav for such detailed and honest review.

    2. glad you liked it. many thanks :)

    3. A Guy who never gone to a village where everyday people still fighting for their basic needs can only give a comment- "Watch it if you have nothing to do but to help your kid under 10 write a junior class essay on ‘naxal’ movement."
      when a matured( so called critic ) do not understand the problem, how a 10yr bellow kid can write an essay is funny..
      i disparately waiting to read your essay on naxal movement Mr.Gaurav Rai..and let me understand, about understanding of the problem and even the solution also.

    4. thank you so much, sir! for your comment. first of all, I am not alien to villages. I was born & brought up in a village in northern Uttar Pradesh…and I have lived there for like 22 years of my life [I am just 32 now]. I can also give you the details of my parenthood to make sure I belong to a middle class family, so please watch your words before saying I have never been to villages.

      Secondly, when I say “"Watch it if you have nothing to do but to help your kid under 10 write a junior class essay on ‘naxal’ movement” I don’t expect you to go word by word. It was an expression of an utter disappointment, caused by the lack of intensity in the content. The gravity and sincerity to the subject was, I think, taken over by the deliberate drama.

      Forget about my understandings of naxalism, can you really not agree with the fact that ‘chakravyuh’ was only interested in talking about it through news anchors & the leaders from both sides…and does not even try to catch the real scenario & the emotions of the victims there on larger picture?

      And even you want to grab attention only with talks, try something intense like shyam benegal’s PARTY where Naseeruddin Shah [ though he was hardly there for last 2 scenes and people used to talk about him] plays similar character as manoj bajpai playing here.

      Anyways, I am glad you took your precious time to comment. I value your views. Thanks 

    5. correction: PARTY was not directed by shyam benegal but goving nihlani.

  4. Prakash jha after ganganjal and apharan ..... not ablest to score

  5. watchd da film 2de. The film is an honest attempt to put light on police system and naxalite issues but its too delicate an issue to stand in favour of either side or think of a concrete solution. Prakash jha handles the story well and tries to keep it simple still he fails to generate sympathy for either side.

    movie has no more content dan wat de show in promos. if u watch da promo u vl feel movie is just detailed version of da story u see in promos n movie ends just where da promo ends. praksh jha has shown the story through two heros who r frends but one is cop on duty n other an informer who turns to a naxalitr himself wen he lives wid naxalites n feels dere agony. frends turns foe and da story ends soon after with one of dem facing bullets.

    movie is well directed but too many police-naxalite shooting confrontations mek da scenes look repetative. de fire at each other from stones throw distance still the bakground shooters die n leaders survive gives a feel of movies of 90s. too many such face to face firing and no chasing wen either team falls bak look silly.

    still the movie is so so to ok ok.. i wont call it bad as its an honest attempt in a phase where ppl r busy casting big names n meking money with shity stories.. its a movie made from heart. yet no gud songs, no heart touching scene, no mam to man fight,no cool dialouges mek the movie dull and sbit boring. story has no up n down,no twist n turns.. it only has gun fight n gun fight.. its just an avarage movie.. watch it or avoid it.. u wont b regretting either. my rating 2/5

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. @Gaurav...i cant blv this.....hw can it be so bad..have to watch and then will gv review

    1. i'll wait for your views on this. and by the way, its not bad but an avarage.

  8. Nice movie...a commendable job by Prakash Jha...

    1. I agree ......instead of watching shit comedy movies ..which makes record collection ...we should watch altogether different genere of movie with enormous content and information.

  9. Prakash jha did a great job.
    Arjun rampal's acting was a waste.
    Yeah mr. Gaurav rai is right that prakash jha only centered the movie on the leaders on both sides and was more lost in the lead characters conflicts
    But he did a very great job in educating the common people who dont take intrests in these things and are lost in jobs and households and also it is more than just a 10 year old writing an essay on naxalism.
    Mr. Gaurav rai exaggerated on that one:


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