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Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 Tamil Movie Review (Kolaveri Telugu)

3 (Three) Rating:  2.75/5

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3 (Three) Tamil Movie Review

Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Pavithra Srinivasan Site: Rediff
Up to this point, it's a great ride. The screenplay moves at a spanking pace; the characters reel you into their story and you're invested enough in their life to desperately want to know what happens next.The second half does have its suspense-filled moments and gentle twists in the tale, but a good deal of melodrama and too many tears hinder the momentum a little. Some editing of the sentimental whiplash by Kola Bhaskar might have added more depth to the proceedings. There are certain moments in 3 that defy logic at times, and sentiment rules the roost, but Aishwarya Dhanush has chosen to present a take on romance that is appealing in its freshness. The lead actors help as well. Her little thriller-twist aside, 3 is a movie that is an ode to romance, above all else.
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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:MovieBuzz Site: Sify
The film keeps you engaged on the strength of its plot, as it does for the interesting characters who inhabit it. An impressive achievement both in writing and direction, the film is full of fine nuances and sharp observations that stay with you. Comedy and romance are beautifully weaved into the story in a realistic manner. Velraj’s camera is good while Kola Bhaskar could have made the film crisp in the climax. On the whole, 3 has its heart in the right place, though the second half seem scattered. Overlook these faults, and make it a point to watch 3
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Ratings:2.5/5 ReviewerBehindwoods Site: Behindwoods
For her maiden film Aishwarya has taken a common and ubiquitous premise, love and relationships, accompanied by a suspense element in the script. Her spouse, Dhanush has immensely supported her to translate her vision on the larger canvas by giving one of his best performances.There are a few aspects which are quite implausible and unexplained like Dhanush tying the mangalsutra to Shruthi in the pub although his parents are not against his marriage. And it’s surprising that when there is an issue of serious proportion, why it is not conveyed to Prabhu and Bhanupriya especially when they are shown as such lovable parents.
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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Prakash Uppadhya Site: OneIndia
Aishwarya Dhanush's 3 is an intense-romantic drama, which is youthful yet core.Aishwarya Dhanush's way of narration and maintaining the suspense till the end are impressive. She succeeds in the first half by keeping the story lively with some wonderfully written one-liners. The natural-progress of the love tale between the lead stars is interesting. But in the second half, she seems to have lost the grip on the script, as it is too dragging at parts. The filmmaker has convinced the two phases of the film 3 but the last stage somewhat fails to impressive the viewers..On the whole, 3 has a engaging tale backed by wonferful performances of Dhanush and Shruti Hassan.
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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:MKJ Site: Mutiny
The entire story of 3 runs in the Flashback….which is the real beauty and life of the movie. I am sure that everybody will resemble themselves to the teenage Ram who is driving a Yamaha RX100 bike,waiting under the tree for a passing look from the girl,joining the Tuition class with the best friend only to be with her for some time,and avoiding the best friend to have a ride in his bike with Girl friend…etc..etc.. These are the things to be highlighted about the 1st half,which made the movie…i should say THE BEST…The 2nd half completely turns the mood and take you to another genre, which is the masterpiece of Dhanush – A Psychological Thriller. I really doubt about this phase which can entertain all the type of Audience because of a big transition,which is providing a Hot and Cold treatment with romance and bipolar disorder. Yo Soup Bwoys…it is SWEET and SOUR….. and TASTY
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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:SuperGoodMovies Site: Supergoodmovies
As every Tamil film that is releasing in Telugu these days, 3 too is a film with dark shades. This film starts on a colorful note and turns dark and gets darker as the movie progresses. It will be hard to digest the film as it is extremely depressing. Audiences started walking out of the theaters just few minutes after the second half has started. Aishwarya tried to explore the darker side of life and audiences are not expecting such darkness from this ‘Kolaveri’ film.Maybe you may find 3 alright if you are prepared to watch a dark film. However, the snail paced second half doesn’t allow the audience to sit through it.3 will appeal to offbeat movie lovers. Extreme darker tones doesn’t appeal to entertainment seeking Telugu audience.
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  1. First half is the one that every one could relate to in their school days first love/infactuation which turns to a long term love and marriage.. the second half carries the love and the amazing Dhanush acting.... Bipolar disorder.. well the message was conveyed.. Do not ignore Bipolar disorder.. and end up like the hero.. beter treat urself and lead a peacefull and happy life with your loved ones..

  2. Awesome movie , must watch , dhanush roxx

  3. Movie gives a feeling of "Mayakkam Enna" and "Thuluvathoo Illamai".....

  4. mokka movie... waste of money and time

  5. dhanush rocked superb movie. hatsoff 2 aishwarya

  6. a slow movie with sentiments,romance,comedy,final worth watching it,wonderful background music by the new guy.... acting wise danush rocks..

  7. If u don't know how to see movies u don't give rating
    3 movie excellent my rating is 4.5/5
    First half is love and second half is life.
    hatsoff 2 all 3 team

    by ganesh

  8. a slow movie, but interesting story with a tragic ending....

  9. Mv was awsum no words to say.
    Hear is the link for kolaver di movie version

  10. dhanush acting is remarkable hats off to aiswaraya taken risks in making this master piece

  11. sh is awesome her boops also roxx

  12. supperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . simple love story
    i cried at last

  13. Waste of money and time. Buy anacin and amrutajan before watching it.

  14. mokka movie..! Finally Its a Psycho movie..

  15. fresh story line and good team effort,but remember guyz,we are hindus....still bonded with culturism,why is it to get married in an outlet despite ram's parents approval and the most disgusting was when the auspicious thali was brought by a waiter in the outlet...meanwhile the dumbfool parents were waiting anxiously at home for the return of the newly wed.Maybe you guyz thought it was COOL but NOT AT ALL.Sorry to say this guyz,bipolar disorder can be treated and mean no harm to anyone....get your facts right before you explore and expand.

  16. useless movie. No chemistry between shruti and dhanush. most times she looks like a boy, even her voice is not sweet. she has given chance only beccause she is kamal's daughter?

    Stupid story. waste of time and money. please don't watch this movie..

  17. majority of tamil movies prefers HERO to die ,or heroine being raped or hero behaves as an psycho,or he will be suffering from mental disorder .......this mvie comes under last cader

  18. Bipolar can treated very well. Divalpro is very good mood stabilizer.

  19. It's completely wrong for a friend to hide the fact that his friend has bipolar disorder from his parents or wife. besides no psychiatrist'll give direct ECT these days. it's modified ECT under anaesthesia & that too after getting informed consent from wife or parents only. so it's wrong to convey such stupidity in a movie like this.

  20. Hi,

    Watched this movie right now…had the most painful movie experience of my entire life…If you want to save yourself of serious shit please avoid watching this movie…

    Absolutely no characterization, no verve, Dhanush’s worst ever performance, probabhy Shruti’s worst ever show and one of the lowest lows in directional history of tamil…

    Focus on the scene where Dhanush wears sabari mala and Shruti misses him while he is on pilgrimage and hugs his shirt and kisses it hotly – ABSOLUTE CULTURAL DEMEANING AND NONSENSE ACCORDING TO ME…WHICH WIFE KISSES A HUSBAND’S SHIRT PASSIONATELY WHEN HE IS ON SABARIMALA TRIP???

    People with money – please do not JUSTIFY your drift in life by becoming actors and directors! Please leave creative professions to creative personnel…

  21. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

    Music and songs are fantastic. The entire first half is very good and nothing to complain, I like very much the School and Tuition scenes.

    The story does not have logic, I believe Bipolar disorder is not a correct reason for this story. It is not real to see that the parents of Ram and Janani is not much involved after the death of Ram.

    Why Ram hide the suicidal letter, he could have kept it on the table?

    If somebody has taken him to the Doctor or told about it to Janani, he could have been saved.

    Everything is fine except - the end of the story might have been changed, where Ram could have been saved and not killed.

    What ever said and done, the film has created the Ram and Janani deep in our minds a real.

    Well done by the daughter of Superstar!


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