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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Don 2 Music Review (SRK )

Don 2 Songs Rating:  2.7/5
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Don 2Music Review

Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Joginder Tuteja Site:BollywoodHungama
As mentioned at the very beginning, nothing less than a rocking album was expected from Don 2. However, what one gets to hear is a soundtrack which is pretty much a mixed bag. At places it works while at points, it just doesn't make you jump with joy. Also, there isn't anything which comes across as memorable enough to be played a few months down the line, leave aside a few years. Eventually what you get is a soundtrack that would go along with the narrative and acts as a good situational ingredient but that's about it. OUR PICK(S) Hai Ye Maya, The King Is Back - Theme, Zaraa Dil Ko Thaam Lo
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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Sukanya Verma Site:Rediff
With the pressure of comparisons with the original off them, Don 2 offered the composer troika an ideal opportunity to go wild and inventive. Instead they submit a safe, self-conscious and, at the most, serviceable album when the words I would have liked to confer been rocking and rebellious.
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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Satyajit Site:Glamsham

DON 2 is composed aesthetically to match out varied situations, circumstances and feel of the flick rather than offering out a set of melodious or chartbusting numbers for the listeners. It cannot be hailed as chartbusting as DON-THE CHASE BEGINS or RA.ONE but has the relevant spice and vigor to make thing work on big screen. S-E-L are certainly not at their best this time as they have stressed too much in glorifying the signature tuneful appeal of DON in almost every soundtrack. The album lacks novelty factor to a great extent but delivers quality works in a couple of soundtracks. Among the credit listing the finest of the lot are Usha Uthup's rendered 'Hai ye Maya' and 'Zara Dil ko Thaam Lo' and are expected to be winners on D-Day while the rest of them should be rising to occasions in the days to come. Despite its blemishes, the album enjoys a strong promotion packed with bankable star cast, all fuelled and packed with hi-production value and international grandeur, an encouraging box-office show will surely write a different story for its musical merits.
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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Sheetal Tiwari Site:BollySpice
In summary, even in the absence of pressures of living up to the 1978 original, SEL did not manage to create an impressive album with Don 2. Their work in box-office disaster The Game that featured similar themes with Don 2 was more commendable than this.In any event Zara Dil Ko Tham Lo, The King is Back and Yeh Hai Maya (Remix) are the pick of the pack. Maybe Mujhko Pehchaan Lo if Don fans manage get over Shaan’s Main Hoon Don. The Don Waltz may be effective as part of the film’s narration but does not do any favours to the OST while Dushman Mera is a total write off.
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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Vivek V Warrier Site:Koimoi

Overall, the Don 2 album falls short of expectations. Songs like Zaraa dil ko thaam lo and Hai ye maya show a lot of potential but cannot be termed as great mass hits. All the other songs are good too but, on the whole, they don’t add up to a mass hit
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  1. just have booked my tickets for 11:30 show here in UK. Still half an hour to go. Will keep u updated.

  2. 1st half done. Witty don has taken over the world. Priyanka has been wasted. 3d is good

  3. don is fooling everyone. (police as well as other villains)

  4. overall 1st half was well executed,had a strong storyline, fast screenplay. Hope 2nd half does not disappoint as it does usually in bollywood movies these days.

  5. waste movie , i'm scared this will end even below raone and ready

  6. Hey Umang so whats your final opinion about Don2 worth a watch or not

  7. Umang seems to be a hoax created by non other than the site owners

  8. Sanjana ji Don2 to gaya pani men aur umang kahin kone men bot ke ro rahe honge for spending his money in UK.. Lollllllllllll

  9. After watching RA-ONE , I dont understand how can people show bravery to watch another SHAHRUKH MOVIE .....
    By S.D.R

  10. shahrukh is total waste he should stop torturing people by acting and producing movies,and taran adarsh should stop giving his review on movies he is an idiot who give 4 star to raone and 3.5 to don2

  11. anonymou you don't know how to watch a movie, so i hope you just go directly to the bathroom.This movie was the best movie in this year for srk and the other thing is that you should not waste your money to watch a movie.Why coz you don't know any thing about movie or any experience for movie so just keep your mouth shut and don't abuse him while he is not with you and that shows me you are a bad person
    Long Life for srk the King Khan


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