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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Damadamm Music Review

Damadamm Songs Rating  3.33/5

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Damadamm Music Reviews

Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Joginder Tuteja Site:Bollywood Hungama
Damadamm is a loaded album with as many as ten unique tracks with five remixes to boast of as well. Yes there are portions in the album where one does miss the trademark sound of Himesh Reshammiya since there are certain set expectations from him. Also, not all ten songs turn out to be equally enthralling. However if one has to pick out the ones that indeed manage to entertain immensely, there is a lot to offer in Damadamm with at least five tracks managing to impress with 'Umrao Jaan', 'Aaja Ve' and 'Bhool Jaaun' leading from the top. OUR PICK(S) 'Umrao Jaan', 'Aaja Ve', 'Bhool Jaaun', 'Tere Bina', 'Yun Toh Mera Dil', 'Hum Tum'
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 Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Satyajit Site:Glamsham
DAMADAMM is a multifaceted Himesh Reshammiya album that comes in varied shades, genres and styles. Despite the fact that it is packed heavily with fifteen soundtracks, it lacks the punch and dum of his earlier albums. The spotlight will be primarily on tracks like Damadamm, Umrao Jaan, Aaja Ve, Yun to mera dil and Tere Bina but they won't be as big hits as Himesh's previous hit soundtracks. After the cold response to KAJRARE and RADIO, the mediocre phase continues for Himesh Reshammiya (with BODYGUARD the only saving grace), but still a positive box-office outcome can change the entire equation.
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   Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Sheetal Tiwari Site:Bollyspice
Damadamm is a bit of a mixed bag – but it’s actually quite nice to hear Himesh experimenting with his vocal delivery and branching out a little with genre. I can’t help but think though that a little bit of variety in lead vocalists would make the album a bit more interesting to listen to as well. I love Himesh…but 15 tracks is a lot of Himesh.Overall though Damadamm is a decent listen with mostly solid tracks, and a couple of stellar ones. Skip the remixes unless you’re a super-fan.
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  1. is it the first movie of the heroine? and i don't think that it will be hit.

  2. lol this movie will be super flop...and see how dare this himesh is that he is releasing this film with shahrukh khan's Ra-One

  3. i agree with riju this is sure shot super flop

  4. I will go for Damadamm instead of Gay superhero movie Ra-One

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @annonymous(who said he will go for damadamm instead of ra-1)....lol hey listen do whatever u like..u can go for damadamm,u cn watch porn movies also..bt dnt dare to talk anything regarding srk just shut the f**k up...

  7. abe jisko bhi damadam dekhni hai na dekh lena shayad isse himesh 2-4 time ka khana mil jaye .
    Acha hai srk ke nam ek aur admi ko palne ka punya ayega
    .beta jo bhi mana kar raha hai naa ra one dekhne ka dekhna mat.
    Kyunki srk ne bhi tum ghtiya viewers jo ki ready, bodyguard ,singham, rascal. Dekhte hai unke liye yeh film banayi hi nahi hai.

  8. look all , i am big fan of Himesh...not salman. I dont like salman , but i hate to watch Gay Actor SRK ....i prefer himesh instead of that. Atleast Himesh's over acting is lesser than SRK...King khan ..
    If movie is bad , then u have to pronmote it , just like RA.One...
    if its good m u wont need to promote just like Himesh

  9. @anonymous(who said he is a big fan of himesh)..how dare u r that u r using this type of word regarding srk..see different people hav different mentalities their thought is also different thats nt the thing....what movie u will watch that depends upon u only..bt dnt use such non sense word regarding srk..according to me himesh is a fuking ashole and his acting is just rubbish.. he dnt know how to talk also...he is just a shit

  10. @Riju...don't justify things to this chutiya himesh fan.

    @Anonymous...SRK is SRK...never compare with this chutiya Himesh.

    No one can save himesh this time..his music can't save him this time.chutiye...wait and watch...

  11. After the super success of Bodyguard, Damadamm is something beyond just a commercial outing....

    Damadamm's music boasts of some very heart touching melodies like Tere Bina, Hum Tum & Yun toh mera dil...

    Besides this Umrao Jaan n Damadamm add up the Party quotient to this musical outing...

    Madhushala is totally massy n hardly classy...Catchy yet a disappointment as it stands nowhere close to above masterpieces....

    Mango and I Need My Space are very hard on ears....These tracks negate the level n ratings of this album...

    I wish Himesh had enuf sense to censor these tracks out....

    Lastly Bhool Jaaoon is really surprising and fresh number from young talent Sachin Gupta...

    On whole Damadamm has gigantic DUM bearing a couple of tracks....

    Definitely worth a buy or atleast a listen....


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