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Friday, July 29, 2011

Veppam Review (Tamil)

Veepam Rating:  2.33/5

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Veppam Movie Reviews

Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Pavithra Srinivasan Site:Rediff

Anjana's debut film Veppam (Heat) is certainly very chic. Together with cinematographer Om Prakash, she has crafted a film that is easy on the eye and possesses a style.The film is supposed to be a realistic take on the rougher sections of the city, but the story never really draw you in and looks like an outsider's view of the city's underbelly. A tauter screenplay, more logic in the sequences and realistic dialogues would have made Veppam an eminently enjoyable film.
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Ratings:-- Reviewer:Malathi Rangarajan Site:TheHindu

It's dark. It's a thriller. And it's been directed by a woman. Anjana's Veppam (A) shows that gender matters little, if you have the skill to narrate bloody sagas convincingly. Veppam, which begins with two boys growing up to be the protagonists, bears a few similarities, but changes tack to become a tale of relentless manslaughter, revenge and retribution.Throughout, Anjana's screenplay that oscillates between the past and present is different all right, but gets repetitive too.
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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Anupama Subramanian Site:Deccan Chronicle

The story of Veppam reminds one of flicks like Drohi and Pattiyal .Though Anjana has given her distinct touch and tried to infuse commercial elements, the narration is confusing at times. The muting and beep sound of dialogues by the Censors in several places affects Veppam.Joshua Sridhar has made a strong comeback with his riveting background score and brilliant songs. Anjana's picturisation of songs in the company of cinematographer Om Prakash is scintillating.
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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:-- Site:SuperGoodMovies
The film unfolds at a leisure pace and the point of view narration makes the narration confused. When the questions are answered in the second half, the shock factor is missing due to sluggish direction. Everything is extremely predictable that makes Sega an uninteresting watch. Director failed to build the romance and friendship bond which are vital for this subject for the audience to get emotionally attached with it. When Vishnu and Vani love faces a sad end, audience wouldn't feel the pain as the buildup is not good enough.
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  1. Movie is really boring, director has not utilized the actors effectively.


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