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Chandni Chowk to China All Videos and Trailers

Akshay Kumar's latest movie Chandni Chowk to China Videos
Total 5 videos
Chandni Chowk to China Theatrical Trailer

Chandni Chowk to China song featuring Bohemia

Chandni chowk to China Title Song Promo
Chandni Chowk to China Teaser 1

Chandni Chowk to China Chak Lein De Action Trailer

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Top Movies of 2008 by Critics Rating

This site attempts to aggregate all critics review across the web and get an overall score for the movies based on these scores the top 10 highest rated movies of 2008 on a scale of 5 are
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  1. Wednesday 4.0
  2. Rock On: 4.0
  3. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 3.85
  4. Aamir 3.65
  5. Ghazini 3.55
  6. Dostana 3.25
  7. Welcome To Sajjanpur 3.2
  8. Khuda Ke Liye 3.16
  9. Sarkar Raj 3.15
  10. Singh Is Kinng 3.15
  11. Race 3.0
  12. Jodhaa Akbar 3.0
  13. Fashion 3.0

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Top 10 Movies 2008 by Boxoffice Gross

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  1. Singh is Kinng Rs 75.6 crores
  2. Race Rs59.5 crores
  3. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Rs 57.6 crores
  4. Jodhaa Akbar Rs 55.0 crores
  5. Golmaal Returns Rs 51.2 crores
  6. Dostana Rs 48.6 crores
  7. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Rs 39.3 crores
  8. Sarkar Raj Rs 36.65 crores
  9. Bhootnath Rs 31.4 crores
  10. Bachna Ae Haseeno Rs 32.6 crores
This data is Before Ghazini's release source

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Reviews

Overall Rating: 2.95 / 5 (From all the reviews across the web)
List of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Reviews ( Showing 10 Reviews )
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Ratings: 2/5 Reviewer: Taran Adarsh Site: Indiafm

On the whole, RAB NE BANA DI JODI is vey desi at heart with a strong start and an equally strong emotional end. Having said that, you cannot deny the fact that you expect much, much more from Aditya Chopra. RAB NE BANA DI JODI is no DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE, it's not MOHABBATEIN either.
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Ratings: 2.5 /5 Reviewer: Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times Of India
Quite a let-down, specially since it marked the return of director Aditya Chopra after a long hiatus from the hurly burly of movie-lore.The only high point of the film is Shah Rukh's interpretation of the geeky-gawky middle class hero, who would have actually been quite lovable if he didn't metamorphose into his gaudy, over-the-top alter ego, Rahul. Debutante Anoushka lacks all chutzpah and can barely hold your attention. Watch it, only for Surinder Sahni ji, a refreshing new take on the Bollywood hero.

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Ratings: 2/5 Reviewer: Raja Sen Site: Rediff
Mr Chopra, you make a lot more money than I ever will, but I'll still take this opportunity to throw up some basic, unsolicited suggestions: ask Farah Khan how to deal with movies-within-movies and have fun; ask Dibakar Banerjee for some help with realistic-sounding accents and dialects; ask Shirish Kunder or Farhan Akhtar for advice on creating geeky, square guys who stay in character instead of breaking it as soon as a song starts.Just make a film that doesn't feel over a decade old.And hey, please get over DDLJ. Before you get us to start disliking that fantastic film.
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Ratings: 3.5/5 Reviewer: Khalid M Site:HindustanTimes
Debutante Anushka Sharma is assured and upright but you wouldn't kill to eat paani puris with her, the way Suri-cum-Raj does. Incontestably, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is an SRK show. The end credits with snapshots is a delight, don't miss them. The actor sends you home with a smile and a tear. So, here's a must-grab-ticket to SRK.
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Ratings: 3 /5 Reviewer: Abhishek Mande Site: Buzz18
In troubled times like ours we could all do with a love story like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Agreed, the film could have been far, far shorter and simpler, but watch this solely for Shah Rukh Khan. If you aren't his fan already, chances are you'll become one
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Ratings: 3.5 /5 Reviewer: Suparn Verma Site: Rediff
Eight years later, Aditya is back with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.It is an absolute triumph for him as the creator (writer and director) of the film. He takes the formula and turns it around on its head with a film that that is self parodying, self referential and absolutely refreshing.RNBDJ ranks as one of SRK's best performances till date, his finest moment being in the interval when Raj talks to Suri and he talks back!
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Ratings: 4/5 Reviewer: Martin D Souza Site:Glamsham
Anushka, once again, take a bow. Aditya Chopra, you too. This one is an ordinary love story told in an extraordinary manner. In the current scenario where everyone's emotions have taken a beating, this film is sure to lift up your spirits.

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Ratings: 3/5 Reviewer: Indiaglitz Site:Indiaglitz
On the whole, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is enjoyable on many parts with fun, frolic, lots of music and dance, pains and emotions. Well, Aditya Chopra gets stuck failing to pen an engrossing screenplay. It's too long, irksome and more predictability when it comes to narration and the auteur could've better avoided these vistas.

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Ratings: 3/5 Reviewer: Zee Bureau Site: ZeeNews
Shah Rukh ‘romantic’ Khan delivers an utmost fun-filled entertainment motion picture with a universal story line comprising of love, drama, emotions and a predictable happy ending. The movie undoubtedly is an entertainer except for the fact that it’s a lengthy movie, stretching to 2hours and 45mins.The story line is good. But, the director has failed to communicate well with his audiences.

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Ratings: 3/5 Reviewer: Sampurn Site: Real Bollywood
Chopra camp could do it once again. If cinema is the medium of color, light and dark, SRK’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi could indeed a magic out of it, but the movie fails to communicate with audiences.It’s a lengthy movie, without any hold of the director. The movie belongs to the old school of Bollywood with an exact lengh of 2 hrs and 45 minutes. Well, if you want to see SRK all over, it’s not bad to move to the theatre.

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Ghazini Trailer and Videos

Here are list of Trailers and videos for Ghazini (Total 6 Videos)

5 Trailers and 2 Makings
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Ghazini Theatrical Trailer

Ghazini Aye Bachchu HQ Song Promo
Ghazini Behka Song Promo

Ghazini Hai Guzarish Song Promo

Ghazini First Promo

Making of Behka Ghazini Song

Making of Guzarish Shazini song

Bachna Ae Haseeno Reviews

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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi videos

Here are list of  Trailers and videos for the movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Total 5 videos )

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ) - Theatrical Trailer

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ) - Haule Haule Trailer

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ) - Dance Pe Chance

Making of Haule Haule

Making of Dance Pe Chance | Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

A wednesday review

Overall Rating: 4/ 5 
(From all the reviews across the web)
 List of Wednesday Reviews
 ( Showing 7 Reviews )
Ratings4/5 Reviewer: Rajeev Masand Site: Ibnlive
Bollywood's already proved itself in the brawn department, having won itself umpteen brawny points for its high testosterone action dramas. Now, it seems hellbent on showing off brains too, with slick, thought-provoking movies pouring out of its IQ-enhanced factories. A Wednesday is an intelligent diatribe against terrorism, refreshingly packaged as a racy thriller, reminiscent of the Diehard series..
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Ratings4.5/5 Reviewer: Nikhat Kazmi Site: Times of India
Bollywood's already proved itself in the brawn department, having won itself umpteen brawny points for its high testosterone action dramas. Now, it seems hellbent on showing off brains too, with slick, thought-provoking movies pouring out of its IQ-enhanced factories. A Wednesday is an intelligent diatribe against terrorism, refreshingly packaged as a racy thriller, reminiscent of the Diehard series..
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Ratings3.5/5 Reviewer: Taran Adarsh Site: Indiafm
On the whole, A WEDNESDAY is cinema at its best. It may not be a Kinng-sized entertainer to lure the audiences in hordes and set the box-office afire, but A WEDNESDAY does pack in king-sized punch. Do yourself a favour: Watch A WEDNESDAY.
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Ratings4/5 Reviewer: Raja Sen Site: Rediff
A Wednesday manages to deliver a decent body blow for the cause of smart entertainment.Like I said earlier, faith is a powerful thing. And if it motivates you to go watch A Wednesday this weekend, most of you are certain to leave the theatres thinking, 'this is exactly what is needed,' even if you don't say it out loud.And that is the scariest thought of all.
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Ratings-- Reviewer: Anupama Chopra Site: NDTV
A Wednesday is provocative theatre. Its message is urgent and relevant but also disturbing and dangerous. The film is a compelling response to our terror-filled times but it will polarise viewers – many will applaud. And just as many will be aghast at what it is suggesting but few, I think, will walk away unengaged.A Wednesday is implausible—there is little chance that a man like this could pull off a stunt like this. But it is effective rabble-rousing. As Shah goes into his climatic oration, you might find yourself applauding. I recommend that you see it.
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Ratings4/5 Reviewer: Gaurav Malani Site: Economic Times
A Wednesday is one of those rare variety films about which one can't discuss much despite a strong desire for it could hamper your viewing experience as an unapprised audience. It's a film one wants to rave liberally about but even then you can't conveniently converse on the instances of acclaim since those are the moments of surreptitious surprise held in reserve by the director. It's the kind of film that is discussed in detail once it acquires the cult status
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Ratings4/5 Reviewer: Martin D Souza Site: Glamsham
A WEDNESDAY is a thriller, it's an educational film and it's also an eye-opener. Director Neeraj Pandey has taken terrorism as the theme and has given it a whole new twist that is mind-boggling to say the least.
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Dil Kabaddi Reviews

Overall Rating: 2 / 5

List of Dil Kabaddi Reviews

2/5 Reviewer: Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times of India

The film begins on a promising note and then peters off into repetitive scenes, some funny, some silly, where nothing actually happens. And the track between Irfan and Payal ends up as completely out of sync, with the aerobic instructress ending up as a complete bimbette. All in all, Dil Kabaddi is a promise (of fun) that remains unfulfilled.More
Ratings:1.5/5 Reviewer: Taran Adarsh Site:Indiafm
On the whole, DIL KABADDI has shock-value, but not a strong plot to leave an impact. At the box-office, it caters to a niche audience. It's a film for a handful of multiplexes in a handful of cities. At most places, this 'Kabaddi' will run out of breath. Strictly for adult viewing! More
Ratings: 2.5/5 Reviewer: Sukanya Verma Site:Rediff.com

Debutant Anil Senior's Dil Kabaddi is pretty much a hand- me-down version of the veteran's much-admired take on infidelity, Husbands and Wives.Although the actors are mostly bang on and Irrfan walks away with the best moments, one of the most jarring aspects of Dil Kabaddi, besides its disjointed plot and incoherent intentions, is the casting of Payal Rohatgi. Like Irrfan, you can't take her seriously. Ditto for the movie.More

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! Review

Overall Rating: 2.8 / 5

List of Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye Reviews

:3/5 Reviewer: Syed Firdaus Ashraf Site:Rediff.com

Every city has its own charm and character. If Mumbai has its own lingo, so do other Indian cities.Capturing this beautifully is director Dibakar Banerjee's second film (after the well-reviewed Khosla Ka Ghosla)Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!. The city here is Delhi , which Banerjee has presented as you have never seen before Link
Ratings: 3.5/5 Reviewer: Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times of India
AFTER his charming debut venture, Khosla Ka Ghosla , director Dibakar Banerjee returns with Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! , another delectable tale about a superchor who transforms stealing into a fine art. Cineastes may have problems with the morally ambiguous tenor of the story which transforms Lucky, a lad who lives on the wild side of the law, into a lovable character.Link
Ratings:2/5 Reviewer: Taran Adarsh Site:Indiafm
Now here's a chor who robs just about everything -- car, TV, music system, crockery, artefacts, furniture, even dry fruits, also a pomeranian. Whatever he can lay his hands on. Dibakar Banerjee's OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE! is, reportedly, straight out of real life. A conman who gave sleepless nights to many a cop in Delhi.Link


Bollywood (Hindi: बॉलीवूड) is the informal term popularly used for the Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry (Hindi cinema) in India. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; it is only a part of the Indian film industry. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest in the world.
The name is a portmanteau of Bombay (the former name for Mumbai) and Hollywood, the center of the American film industry. However, unlike Hollywood, Bollywood does not exist as a real physical place. Though some deplore the name, arguing that it makes the industry look like a poor cousin to Hollywood, it seems likely to persist and now has its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.
Bollywood is commonly referred to as Hindi cinema, even though "Hindustani", understood as the colloquial base common to both Hindi and Urdu, might be more accurate. There has been a growing presence of Indian English in dialogue and songs as well. It is not uncommon to see films that feature dialogue with English words and phrases, even whole sentences. There is a growing number of films made entirely in English

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Fashion Reviews

Overall Rating: 3/ 5

From all reviews on web
List ofFashion Reviews
( Showing 3 Reviews )
Ratings: 2/5 Reviewer:Elvis Dsouza Site: Rediff

In the final analysis, Fashion seems to be telling us that a driven, career-oriented woman is destined to be alone and suffer all manner of indignities if a good man (her father, her boyfriend, her friend's husband) isn't around to rescue her or to place her on the right path when she loses her way. It also seems to say that the only way to be happy is to never become truly successful. Oh yes, it also lectures that true success makes a person arrogant and unlikeable -- thereby paving the path for future failure and disgrace. Now really, is that the kind of entertainment you feel like consuming during the festive week?

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Ratings: 3.5/5 Reviewer: Taran Adarsh Site: Indiafm
On the whole, FASHION has tremendous curiosity value and also shock value for the Indian audiences. Its subject -- the behind the scenes working and drama of the fashion industry -- is its USP. At the box-office, the pre-release hype and buzz will ensure a successful run for the film. Its business at multiplexes mainly should be bountiful. However, trimming the film will only help; not only will it enhance the film, but also its business. Must watch!
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Ratings: 3.5/5 Reviewer: Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times Of India
it's moving tale of three women who try to maintain their honour, dignity, identity in a cruel world that spills over with grime behind the glamour. The film not only takes you
behind the psychedelic ramp, it travels through the dark inner recesses of the
three lead characters, laying bare their strengths and weaknesses; their fears
and hopes; their dreams and nightmares.
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Aamir reviews

Overall Rating: 3.65/ 5 

(From all the reviews across the web) List of Aamir Reviews

 ( Showing 3 Reviews )

Ratings3.5/5 Reviewer: Nikhat Kazmi Site: Times of India

THIS one's a surprise package with its thrilling pace, it's smart direction and its meaningful script. And yes, Rajeev Khandelwal makes a riveting switch from the small screen to the big screen with this film.
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Ratings3.5/5 Reviewer: Taran Adarsh Site: Indiafm
On the whole, AAMIR is a remarkable film. It may not set the box-office afire, but it succeeds where most films don't -- it hits where it hurts. The message this film sets out to convey comes loud and clear. Very strongly recommended! 
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Ratings4/5 Reviewer: Raja Sen Site: Rediff
it's the best directorial debut in ages [the film is directed by debutant Raj Kumar Gupta, who assisted Anurag Kashyap in No Smoking], and quite likely the film of the year. There's more than half of 2008 to follow but it'll take something both special and spectacular to top this awesome little film, and I honestly don't see that happening.
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Sarkar Raaj reviews

Overall Rating: 3.15/ 5 

From all reviews on web
List of Sarkar Raaj  Reviews
( Showing 3 Reviews )
Ratings2/5 Reviewer: Raja Sen Site: Rediff
This is a watchable, entirely forgettable film, and fans of the original are advised to rewatch that one again.Ramu has concentrated far too much on the angles and the light -- both of which succeed only in making you think you're watching a film without clarity -- and not enough on the focus. Sadly, I'm not just talking camera.
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Ratings4/5 Reviewer: Taran Adarsh Site: Indiafm
First YUVA, then GURU, now SARKAR RAJ. Abhishek Bachchan is cast opposite the finest actor of this country, yet he sparkles in every sequence. This time, the father and son go neck to neck as far as acting honors go. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is fabulous and delivers her career-best performance in SARKAR RAJ.On the whole, SARKAR RAJ is an exceptional film in all respects. At the box-office, it has all it takes to set new records in days to come! 
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Ratings3.5/5 Reviewer: Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times Of India
Nothing experimental, nothing new; just a return to the tried and tested form which first raised its head in films like Shiva Satya Company Sarkar ....Yes, you may have your quarrels with the ideology of the film and the validity it seeks to give to outlaws like Subhash and Shankar Nagre, but you will applaud the style and the performances. 
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Golmaal Returns Reviews

Overall Rating: 2.15/ 5 

From all reviews on web
List of Golmaal Returns  Reviews
( Showing 3 Reviews )
Ratings1.5/5 Reviewer: Raja Sen Site: Rediff
There is much of this tomfoolery in the decidedly scriptless Golmaal Returns, with jokes made at everyone's expense: from Kareena's boyfriend's tattoo  to Tusshar Kapoor's sister's serials.The last five minutes of Golmaal Returns are the funniest I've seen in a movie theatre in a very long time. If only the film preceding it was even half as good.
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Ratings4/5 Reviewer: Taran Adarsh Site: Indiafm
On the whole, there's tremendous curiosity to watch GOLMAAL RETURNS and the terrific promotion has only enhanced the excitement. But the film is a major letdown in terms of content. Barring a few jokes and gags, this GOLMAAL pales when compared to its first part. At the box-office, expect a terrific start for the film, but GOLMAAL RETURNS lacks the power to stand on its feet after the initial euphoria settles down.
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Ratings2/5 Reviewer: Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times Of India
DUMB seems to be getting dumber. Funny is beginning to feel unfunny. And Bollywood's current tryst with comedy isn't quite `Welcome' anymoreIt's quite sad to watch seasoned actors like Ajay Devgan and Arshad Warsi goof up in comic roles that they managed to carry off with elan in the earlier film. Shreyas, once again, displays his sense of comic timing, visible in Dor , while Tusshar proves that his dumb act in both the films might just end up as his career best. 
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